yet another weekend

actually, i’m very suaku one. friends and acquaintances always have the impression that i’m a clubbing/party kind of person, but the only club i’ve ever stepped into is Zouk, but both times were for events, which effectively means i’ve never been clubbing before! D:

not that i don’t drink and all that, i’ve been to pubs and house parties and the like.. i just don’t have any particular love for clubbing and dancing :S i’m so boring like that. but NEWAYZ. it was my first time at Butter Factory, and we got VIP passes too! asked Woon to go along with me and i’m so glad i did cos i would have been dead bored by myself!!

it was pretty hilarious because there were games & contests during the event, and the hosts (DJs from 98.7) super no give face at all when it came to making fun of the contestants on stage :S we were laughing our asses off at some of the comical stunts the contestants had to do. TSK. i have no guts when it comes to making a fool outta myself on stage so i would never take part in such contests UNLESS the prizes are really really really goooooood.

Woon and myself!!

guess what drinks were available for the event!


yup that’s right.. PeelFresh juices! hahaha! they were specially concocted with a dash of vodka, so it’s not as innocent as sipping juice la.. we had a couple drinks each and turned red already lor 🙁 i turn red very easily! read that it’s not good cos it means your liver cannot process the alcohol fast enough or something?

we got to mingle around a little with the DJs too! i like Rozz a lot! she’s really funny and very prettaayy!

with a couple of the other DJs!

happily eating the yums cake. LOL.

the 98.7FM and Peel Fresh crew

one last pose against the awesome artwork on the wall!

happy 25th birthday, PeelFresh!!!


so anyway, Woon and i were actually at Equinox at Swisshotel before the event, for high tea gathering with our circus of travel buddies from Poland! 😀 it’s like every time we get together, we eat and we eat and we eat -.-

the toilet is damn posh! there was this huge make-up room with giant mirrors right before you enter the washroom part.

you take a lift right up to the 69th floor and it apparently takes 39 seconds to travel all the way uuupppp

group photo!

the food is decent, nothing to shout about really, guess it’s more for the high-level dining experience than the actual food! there’s an extensive selection of food though, ranging from pastries to desserts to sushi to chinese food, with pasta and laksa stations, so you’d definitely be full!

and some instagrammed pictures!

i’m wearing: chiffon shrug from TVD, and textured body con dress from ZARA! The chiffon shrug only just arrived on Friday. It’s so pretty!!! Love the textured chiffon and billowy sleeves!!


the view from the 69th, pretty awesome! except it was a gloomy day and everything was foggy.

magichour app with million and one filters. even ugly also can look gan chio.

my prettaay model and myself during photoshoot in the morning!


ok ending off with one last OTD from today!!!

Venus Tulip Tank in Tangerine, and distressed denim shorts from Cotton On.

loved this top so much i chose 5 different colors to make it in HAHA. damn overkill i know! but it’s so comfy and easy to wear for casual days! i luuuurve it! You can’t tell in the pictures, but it’s duo fabric, the front is polyester and the back is chiffon! Stocked in some colors at FirstDay already and response is pretty good! Hoping to put it up in the next collection!

weekend’s coming to an end again!!! 🙁 always passes so quick. boohoo. looking forward to my pilates torture tomorrow! hahaha i’m turning sadistic. gonna go edit pictures and do up a preview for the next collection! love love!

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