so it was my birthday yesterday,
and apparently YZ had this whole slew of surprises planned!!!

supposedly, he wanted to celebrate with me on the 2nd (birthday eve) and he asked me to keep the entire day free for him.. and he was so excited about it!! keep on telling me abt how he had an entire day of activities planned and all that -_- plus he kept on dropping hints about my birthday present!! this man honestly cannot keep a secret and is a really bad surprise planner. haha! and like 80% of his plans fell through in the end and it was such a fiasco! hahaha.

part 1 of his surprise: he asked one of my friends what i wanted, and she just asked me out of the blue one day “YINA what do you want for your birthday??”

and i replied very sardonically (but in actual fact it’s true that) i wanted a big fat tub of moisturiser!! helpful much. she rolled her eyes and asked me to choose something more substantial, so i just replied in jest that i wanted a Macbook Air! of course not expecting her to get that for me -_- but i didn’t know that the whole point of her asking was for YZ, and not herself :S

then a few days before the birthday, YZ suddenly asked me random questions out of the blue (he probably thought the questions were too harmless to arouse any suspicions) but it’s so funny hahah. he asked me “is a Macbook air or a Macbook Pro better?” one day, and the next day he was at my office and saw a MBP lying around and just casually asked “is that a 11″ or 13″ MPB?”

obviously i started to guess already cos YZ knows nuts about Mac Books so he most probably wouldn’t ask something like that for no good reason….. -_- so one day when he was happily dropping hints about the present he was getting for me, i just slyly asked if it needed to be paid by installments and he gave the game away! tsk! he initially intended to buy it and surprise me with it during our celebration, but since i found out already, we decided to buy it together in the end (after a whole lot of comtemplation between MBP and MBA…)

part 2 of his surprise: was to bring me to USS on the 2nd too, and he told me to dress casually cos he was bringing me somewhere (i’m pretty sure most girls would be able to guess this… cos how many kinds of casual places can you go for a birthday?) so he thought he’d just tell me where he was bringing me so that i could dress appropriately! and after i knew we were going to uss i was so excited but the plan flew through again cos his work appointment that he initially thought was at 9AM was at 3.30PM ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ so the uss date on the 2nd was cancelled, and i was pretty disappointed cos i’ve been wanting to go to uss for some time now!`i even woke up early to check the weather forecast cos it said that it was going to rain and i was really anxious! ๐Ÿ™ in the end, YZ told me we had to cancel our uss plans.. sad max!

so all we did on my birthday eve was to go to a Spanish restaurant at Vivocity for a meal (which he accidentally let slip about a live band cos we ran into some friends before the meal) and then we watched Captain America. a very exciting birthday eve (not) but he made it up with a very very very sweet 2 pages letter and a surprise birthday song sang by the staff and live band at the restaurant! ๐Ÿ™‚

he typed out his letter cos he has really ugly handwriting and he was afraid i’d laugh at him for his bad handwriting :X

in the end , we managed to go to uss on my birthday itself instead!!!! so happy! ๐Ÿ˜€

Madagascar ride!

USS was fun!! tho it started raining in the afternoon and it got really humid. then we had to buy those plastic ponchos for $2 each, which came in handy on the Jurassic Park ride (which was kinda tame and we waited 30mins to queue up for it somemore) and i still got wet anyway -_- didn’t really take a lot of pictures cos we had to keep our stuff in lockers for many of the rides! it’d probably be best to have fun at uss empty handed so you save all that hassle. maybe wear something with zipper pockets so your wallet/phone doesn’t commit suicide on any of the roller coaster rides lol.

YZ giving a sad face cos of the rain. bwahaha.

my hair and top got all wet! ๐Ÿ™

our expensive german bratwurst sausage meal + chicken fingers that cost about $17.. one plate of chicken rice in the theme park is like $10.50! very expensiveeee.

anyway, we went on all the scary rides including both BSG rides (Cylon first than Human) and Revenge of the Mummy!! wa honestly both YZ and i are scaredy cats when it comes to thrill rides, so we were very scared while queuing up for BSG! LOL. but it was damn fun!!! good thing we did Cylon first (though i personally prefer my feet dangling in the air instead of feeling like i’m gonna drop off the Human one any moment) followed by Human. bwahaha! that first part when the coaster climbs up and then drops down into eternity is freaking scary! ><

we had fun in the Shrek 4D theatre too, and Revenge of the Mummy was also pretty thrilling!! i think only the thrilling rides were more fun though, some of the rest were so tame they weren’t as interesting!!

toilet OTD. haha! i love my vintage sling bag from Poland, i got it for like less than $20 sing??

love the Madagascar characters!

jumping off into far far away land. actually i asked YZ to take a jump shot for me too but i looked really ugly jumping so i’m just not gonna post it up….. -.- hahahaha

i like to move it move it

heehee the penguins!!!!

love Po!!!!! so adoraaableeee.

Princess Fiona was really pretty and looked the part!

stripey hat match stripey top!

my baby and i!

finished off the day with Garetts’ popcorn!! NOMS. best eaten fresh though, my popcorn is a lil stale today ๐Ÿ™

some of the instax we took! ๐Ÿ™‚


the HWS that everyone’s been asking abt are finally here!! i super super super loooove the cutting and colors!!! everytime we do a new HWS, it becomes my new staple shorts. haha! ๐Ÿ˜› check out the vintage gold buttons, they’re so lovely!! comes in 4 colors, and 3 sizes! most of my friends kept a color or two for themselves already cos all the colors are so awesome!!!

i loooooooove it!

okays. be back to blog again abt my birthday dinner and other stuff. it’s back to work now!

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