the travelogues: Krakow day 3 aka eatwalkeatday

i’m gonna blog about another day in Krakow, Poland!

disclaimer: my blog posts are all not in chronological order! i’m just jumping about from day to day depending on my mood πŸ˜€

so this was our 2nd last day in Krakow, and we spent the day doing nothing but exploring different nooks and crannies of the town, and stopping for food breaks like every three hours, or basically every time we passed by anything that looked yummy enough to distract us! D:

the best way of exploring a city, i feel, is to spend a day exactly like how we did. all you need is a map in case you get lost, and maybe a travel guide book if you want to find out more about the area you’re in, and what sights there are in the vicinity. no schedule, no timing to follow, and no guided tour!

off we go!

all three of us take an interest in photography, so we had a number of cameras on hand! my fuji instax always comes into handy over seas cos it feels extra special to take polaroids when you’re in a foreign land πŸ™‚

we started the day early, and visited St Mary’s Basilica, which is the church i mentioned in my previous post.

grainy filter mode on my e-p1, it always captures beautiful pictures! πŸ™‚

the inside of the church. very richly decorated and it’s beautiful.

all these beautiful churches aren’t just tourist spots, they’re actual places of worship for the Catholics. you have to be hush hush in them though, and take your photos discreetly so as not to be disrespectful.

outside the church! there’s a sort of tourist market inside the square of the city, selling trinkets and amber etc..

we initially wanted to visit this cafe which had rave reviews in the travel guide and all, but they were sadly closed for business because of water shortage, or something of the sort! D: didn’t get to eat there in the end.. so we just walked around a little and walked for other places to open.

on recommendation, we went scouting for a local spirits/liquor shop.. it was a really quaint and amazing place!

all their liquor are home made, and come in giant urns from which you get to sample from, and when you’ve decided on your poison of choice, all you need to do is to buy one of the bottles they offer in various sizes, and they’ll fill the bottle with your liquor and you pay for the bottle + liquor per 100ml ;D

so yummy that Woon wanted to drink it straight from its dispenser πŸ˜›

the liquor was amazingly cheap too! we all bought 4-5 bottles of honey vodka and mead, which is Poland’s traditional liquor, and i think we paid less than $15 sing per bottle!

the store lady dispensing liquor for us :)))) they’re all really sweet and helpful people!

look at this adorable furry creature we stumbled upon! it looks like a fatter version of QQ!!! aaaand it is soooooo tame and endearing!

hearts many many!!! it’s sooo cuteee right!!!! awww!!

i think we spent a good 15 minutes just cuddling and playing with it ^-^

our first breakfast stop was at this obscure cafe at the back of a random museum,

we went a bit insane and ordered ALOT of food! hahaha.

mine. apple pie with ice cream!! yes, for breakfast πŸ˜›

some tomato soup with sandwiches.

Woon and moi.

anyway… we headed back to our apartment to put our liquor and we were showing off the menagerie of soft toy cats we collected over the past couple of days.

for some unknown reason you can find cat plushies in different fabrics, shapes and sizes all over Poland!

this suddenly brings to mind Shrek. hahaha. “Man, you are a CATastrophe!!!” “and you are simply reDONKulous!!!”

this is the gingham kitty i got for Farah! it’s currently the girlfriend of her two cats now. teehee πŸ˜›

went back downstairs to continue our journey of exploration, and we somehow got ourselves into another church…

this one looks smaller, quieter and with really quaint decorative wall art!

green hearts and pretty flowers, all painted on the wall!

gorgeous stained glass windows, they are much more breath taking in real life.

myself camwhoring :3

lovely structures in contrast with the colorfully graphical walls

horses on the streets, these buggies are for tourists, but we didn’t go on any of them! think the poor horses are quite sad looking even though they’re so large and majestic πŸ™ must be terrible to have to carry such heavy loads everyday! πŸ™

we walked further, and lo behold, a cupcake bakery & cafe! time for our 1st tea break! πŸ˜€

pretty pretty cupcakes and a very happy Woon.

i got myself tea, while the other two girls had coffee! we ordered some nice looking cupcakes & muffins! yummy.

my Reeses’ peanut butter frosting cupcake. this was scrumptious!!!!!!!

Über NOMS!

we were trying to be cupcakes with cherries on top. bwahahaha.

so we sat down, and just chit-chatted and relaxed and sipped our teas/coffees.

*sigh of bliss & contentment*

here’s Hil looking super pretty in a brand new red beret we bought in a vintage handmade goods store! we all swept that store clean on two consecutive visits. teehee. remember my awesome bucket bag, that was from the same store as well! so glad i got it!

trying to be touristy, and checking out a map on the streets.

you would have thought we had enough of food, but then we found yet another amazing looking shop with little tarts and pastries… couldn’t resist!!!

what a pretty scene πŸ™‚

Woon was very very VERY adamant about having the strawberry tartlets.

i think we bought… like. EIGHT tarts. i ate one, Hil probably ate two, and Woon had the remaining five. HAHAHA.

we love food, very much!

helping themselves to the tartlets!

Woon wanted to take a funny picture.. guess WHAT. the poor strawberry dropped to the ground after this shot!!! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ poor little strawbie.


lovely interior decor! so so so so nice.

what i wore that day.. denim jacket from Topshop, relaxed button-down blouse from TVD, leather trim skirt from H&M, with stockings from Risque & also my Tods bag i bought in Italy previously. awesome bag for travel!

we walked our way over to the quieter side of the city, Podgorze.

this is also where the Jewish Ghetto is located..

this area is now known as the Plac Bohaterow Getta square, and huge bronze chairs can be found on the square as a monument of the brutal history of the area, and in memory of the Jewish population who were horribly persecuted by the Nazis during WWII.

referring to our guide book for more facts and details.

a signboard explaining the history of the square.

it’s quite a sad place πŸ™ good thing i didn’t visit Auschwitz, the Jewish concentration camp, where the Jews were massacred and tortured, i think it would have been very depressing! πŸ™ you can read more about the history of the Jewish Ghetto here.

moving on….

the pigeons there are very much fatter than singaporean pigeons methinks.

Woon fiddling with her old school camera.

the last church we saw for the day. this one was just another regular church in Krakow, we couldn’t find it in the guide book!

after which we went to the canal/river side and looked at ducks for awhile πŸ™‚ before calling it a day!!!

i LOVE traveling πŸ˜€

and and and and,

the pretty H&M skirt that i was wearing in the pictures, i loved it so much i sent it to manufacture, but made it a little quirkier… with contrast leather trim instead of same color leather trim! can’t stop raving about how pretty it is!!

the hot pink comes with contrasting orange slit pockets… πŸ™‚

used the fabric we did the lampshade skirt in for this skirt as well, and it’s really pretty!

wearing it with the Selfridge Dollhouse Blouse which is another upcoming piece, very simple and versatile! this one comes in a brand new fabric which is a sort of chiffon polyester with awesome shimmers in the fabric. can’t really capture it in the pictures, so you’d have to see it for yourself! πŸ™‚

oh yes, i got myself new glasses finally πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ i’m so lazy i don’t even bother to wear glasses/contacts daily! my degree is about 150 in one eye and i have astig in the other eye πŸ™ this pair of tortoise shell frames are so cuteeee. i feel like a secretary in them.

last but not least,

i have an exceedingly retarded video to share with y’all,

i couldn’t stop laughing to myself on the bus when i saw this video that Woon sent me! hahahahaha.

taken while we were at Cupcake Corner, and for some reason Woon forgot to turn on the audio or something, and my expressions are sooo hilarious without the audio. LOL. i think i was saying something like… “Here we are in Krakow.. and we’re at cupcake corner! i have this Reeses peanut butter cupcake in my hand and it looks delicious…” *oishi expression with head spasm* “mmmmmmmm….” *wriggles eyebrows*


i cannot stop laughing at my own retarded expressions.

also, i’ve been thinking about getting braces done for some time now. i have really crooked lower teeth, and i think getting braces might be good for my dental hygiene, or might even correct my lisp (very major plus point), and of course, make me look better!!! πŸ˜€ huge decision!!!

i look like a shih tzu if i show my lower teeth.

teeth crooked enough to give you nightmares.

need to go do some research on the braces thingy… and decide!


looking forward to the weekend already! hope everyone is as hyped up as i’m feeling on a Thursday night. feeling extra good cos we managed to clear most of the emails in office today! πŸ˜€

cheerios! have so many other updates to share! hope i’ll find more time to blog again soon!

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