just finished a shoot in office!!! ^___^

shot the awesome Skittles Contrast Trim skirt… now you know why it’s called the Skittles Skirt! HURHUR. cos of the superbly cuteeee contrast buttons at the back that look like Skittles!! mad niceeee. model kept the brick red for herself too!!! I’m so gonna name all of them happy and fruity colors haha.

tiny preview i did for Facebook page! woooots. i love the skirt AND the shrug! thinking if we should launch both together next week 😛

and random pictures from birthday week taken in office: my bestest helper and fwen Farah made my name with silver sugar balls on a Nutella Tart! my most proper birthday “cake” for this year! :S best birthday cake ever. I love nutella tart!

we took Polaroids but failed. haha! that chin belongs to Vera!

and Fishy fish, who’s now LRH’s new minion and the latest addition to the office, she got me a dolls iphone case!!!! using it now. mad cute.

off to accompany YZ cos it’s a Sunday!


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