did you know, 1 woman out of 3 women complain about signs of fatigue on their skin?

i know i definitely have the above symptoms.. especially dull, uneven complexion with no radiance πŸ™

SKIN.ERGETIC works by using the above 100% natural ingredients, with its key ingredient: Brocolli enriched in Sulforaphane, which is an ultra-effective active ingredient for fighting skin fatigue! everyone knows how good broccoli is when consumed, bet you didn’t know that it’s good for your skin right? πŸ˜€ unfortunately, as it’s unstable in a watery phase, the smart biologists at Biotherm decided to extract it in a preserved form of powder!

by keeping the broccoli extract separate from the serum, it ensures that the ingredients stay as FRESH as possible, until you want to use it! πŸ˜€

there’s alot more biology and chemical chimology about how SKIN.ERGETIC works.. but i figure readers would be more interested in whether it’s effective or not and how it feels when applied on the skin.. right? πŸ˜›

you just shake the bottle gently for the first few uses, then use the dropper to release 2 drops of SKIN.ERGETIC into your palm..

the texture is watery and light, it has a citrusy scent that smells quite yummy! once applied on the skin, it’s absorbed easily and leaves my face with a slight shine.

this is important.. the product is most effective for the first 3 months after activation, so remember to fill in the date of activation on the bottle so you won’t forget! not to say that the shelf-life of the product is only for 3 months, but as all the ingredients in it are natural, they are most effective in the first 3 months πŸ™‚ after which the product may start to have chemical changes or be less effacious.

i’ve been using SKIN.ERGETIC for a week, and i really do see a difference, my complexion is a little less dull now and it looks clearer! SKIN.ERGETIC is a serum, so it’s meant to be used after cleanser/toner/moisturiser. i use it twice a day in the morning and before i go to bed cos i’m hoping to see even more visible results after a month’s time!

Skin Ergetic Serum is launching today, 26th August 2011 and it will be available at all Biotherm counters in leading department stores and Sephora. It is priced at S$99.00 in 50ml. you can request for samples from the counter, but the samples do not have the brocolli powder in it due to the nature of the product!

pictures of me bwahaha. after SKIN.ERGETIC, i use Biotherm’s White D-Tox BB Cream, and my skin suddenly looks amazingly good πŸ˜€

i still have some blemishes on my chin/cheeks though πŸ™ hoping they will clear up with some hard work and regular exfoliation! being a woman is so hard πŸ™

before i hop off for the weekend, here’s a tiny sneak preview of another manufactured piece that only just arrived today! i was soooo eggcited to see it cos i’ve been waiting for agesss for it to come! Topshop-inspired, i bought the original for $100 over dollars and i luuurve the bow belt so much! we had the belts specially manufactured just for this romper, and it comes in four super nice combinations! gonna keep you in suspense first. (actually if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you will spot one other color that i posted already la)


all my friends kept a piece for themselves already, LOL. only thing is the cost price is really high for this piece cos the fabric and workmanship is fantasticccc and the bow belts are expensive πŸ™ definitely a right decision though cos i think it wouldn’t look as cute without the little bow belt πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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