lunch at oversea restaurant!

imma huge fan of chinese cuisine, anything from teochew muay to dimsum to frog porridge to seafood! got invited to lunch at Oversea Restaurant for a food tasting session, and it was so so so good!!! y’know usually for “food-tasting”, only very tiny portions are served huh? we were served a full 10-course meal with no expenses spared, and even got to sample their specially made mooncakes after that D:

a little background on the restaurant: it’s a very popular Cantonese cuisine restaurant that originated from Malaysia and opened its first outlet in the 1970s! D: they only just opened their 1st Singaporean outlet this year, and have brought over the same dishes that’s so popular in their Malaysian restaurants! Even the chefs of 20 over years of experience were brought over to Singapore to ensure that the standard of the food is as close to the Malaysian-Cantonese style of cuisine that they’ve been serving for decades!

so no one talks about food without the pictures, i’m gonna start with those mouth-watering pictures now ๐Ÿ˜€

*disclaimer* i’m no professional food blogger, so don’t mind my poor descriptions and pictures!

we had a function room specially prepared for the group of bloggers who came to attend the session, so there was complete privacy and attentive waitresses! great for family occasions like birthday gatherings and the like.

as at all typical chinese restaurants, prettily folded napkins and nicely set out cutlery and plates ๐Ÿ˜€

Fel and i sat together! :S then can help each other camwhore. bwahahahaa. no la. we would have sat together anyway cos i didn’t really know any of the other girls personally!

a quick look at the menu.. i’ll introduce each dish one by one later!

me! wearing the rainbow stripes cardi & pretty as a cupcake romper in wine. couldn’t help camwhoring abit cos they had really nice wall deco right behind us! lol :X

#1 Oversea Special Charsiew

this is the MUST-TRY dish of the restaurant! its signature charsiew that many customers actually call to make reservations for, because it sells out so quickly everyday! i can understand why, the pork soft and tender, with a sweet caramelised taste that’s really melt-in-your-mouth and damn yummy! very different from the regular charsiew you find outside.

devouring charsiew. i think i had like three pieces at least? salivating now as i’m thinking about it… D:

#2 Doubleboiled Dried Seafood in Supreme Soup

the manager explained to us that this was the “little brother” of Budhha Jumps Over the Wall, HAHA. it’s the same soup broth and ingredients, without the abalone! it has to be boiled for 6 hours! loved the thick and savoury soup, and this is also supposed to be very nutritious!

some of the ingredients you will find inside the soup: mushroom, dried scallop, chicken claw, chicken (very tender!), fish maw, etc.

#3 BBQ Peking Duck with Beancurd Skin Stuffing with Mushroom

this Peking Duck was quite different from the kind that you see elsewhere, (those wrapped in pastry skin sort), the manager explained to us that due to the huge amount of time and work it takes to prepare this style of Peking Duck, it’s hardly found elsewhere! it comes with one layer of mantou, duck, fried beancurd skin stuffed with mushroom, then crispy duck skin!

i love Peking Duck, so this was definitely thumbs up for me! nice crispy skin and the combination of all the different textures and ingredients made it a very interesting dish to savor!

#4 Steamed Live Soon Hock Fish

steamed fish’s another of my favourites! this one had a very firm, almost crunchy texture, and the fish meat was very substantial! it’s wild Soon Hock fish so it’s supposed to be tastier than the captive sort. and i really think it tasted better than Soon Hock fish that i’ve had elsewhere! it’s not cheap though, at $11 per 100grams if i remember rightly.

#5 Oversea Special Baked Tiger King Prawn

another of their signature dishes, and its interesting cos it tasted similar to the charsiew with its sweet caramelized taste! this dish is baked, not grilled though! i was savouring every bite of the huge and succulent prawn!

check out how huge each prawn was!!! tiger king prawn leh, dont play play. damn nice!!

on a side note, it’s quite funny how there were at least 4-5 cameras pointing towards the food at any given point of time during the session. LOL. i think the managers were quite amused!!

#6 Sauteed Pork Belly with Salted Fish

ahhhh….. salted fish and pork belly, first time trying such a combination and i lovee it! best eaten with a bowl of fragrant white rice cos it’s really quite heavy on the sodium (BUT I LIKE). the pork belly sounds fatty, but it’s not cos it’s like a mixture of lean pork with some fats, and tastes heavenly! VVV good.

#7 Braised Homemade Beancurd with Petola

this dish looks simple, but i really enjoyed it cos i love tofu!! (i know, i love almost every kind of food. what can i say, i’m a glutton) the green pieces on top are a kind of gourd called petola, it had a slightly sweet flavour with a texture similar to cooked eggplant and went very well with the soft tofu and sauce! yummehhh.

#8 Young Kailan in 2 Ways

this is an interesting dish! we’ve all had kailan in oyster sauce and etc etc.. but the owner of Oversea Restoran (in Malaysia!) invented this recipe, of cooking kailan in 2 different ways: the stems are stir fried, while the leaves are fried to taste like crispy seaweed!! really very creative! silverfish is added as a topping too, so you get three different textures and tastes all in one dish of Kailan!

#9 Oversea Special Fried Rice

this is yet another popular dish on the menu, their special fried rice! unlike fried rice at other chinese restaurants, this one doesnt come with any meat at all, it’s just simply fried with pieces of yam and beans!! the very special part of this fried rice is the texture of the rice, instead of just having the regular stir fried rice grains, they’ve stir fried it in such a way that some of the rice grains are more charred and crunchy, sort of like claypot wok hei rice! so it adds another dimension to a otherwise simple dish, and you get to crunch on extra crispy rice in every other bite! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ i loved this rice!

#10 Double Boiled Papaya with Almond Seeds with Plum Jelly

yesss…. finally! course number 10! you can imagine how full we girls were by this point. stuffed to the max, and it was only a lunch! D: i’ve never tasted a dessert like this before, and i really liked it! i usually dislike papaya, but this was boiled until the papaya was very very soft, and its color was almost clear! combined with the almond seeds and plum jelly in a sweet fragrant soup, i finished the whole bowl despite being so full :X

Fel & I enjoying our soup :DOMG…there goes my diet. hahahaha. and to top off the extremely sinful lunch, we still got to sample their delicious moon cakes!

moon cakes in five different flavours!!!

sesame flavour… my favorite!

dragonfruit & mango flavour!all the mooncakes were very yummy! especially the snowskin ones, very soft and not too sweet!i love the sesame one the best, but they had other interesting flavours like chocolate/coffee and green tea flavour mooncakes that i didn’t try!

that concluded the end of the food tasting session! definitely exceeded my caloric intake for the day :S but well worth it!

we even got to bring home boxes of mooncakes as well!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ thank you Oversea Restaurant for the generosity!

Fel & i camwhoring in toilet :X

and instagram pictures!

okay. abrupt end.


Oversea Restaurant (Singapore branch)


No. 100 Beach Road, #01-27 to #01-37,Shaw Leisure Gallery, Shaw Tower

Singapore 189702

Tel 6294 2638

Fax 6894 7881


highly recommend a visit to this restaurant with your family because your parents are sure to enjoy the cuisine here! ๐Ÿ™‚ i will definitely be bringing my parents there some day ๐Ÿ˜€ remember to call to make reservations cos they tend to be fully booked during peak hours! ๐Ÿ˜€

oh, happy PH to everyone today! no PH for me, still need to go in to office later to reply to emails and verify payments and pack parcels and all that. and i’m gonna blog soon about the upcoming romper, i know everyone’s eggcited and so am i!!!! caaaan’t waaaaaaittttt!!!!!!!!

enjoy your day off everybardi!!!

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