Joseph and Karen’s big day

thought i’d edit and post up some of the pictures i took during Joseph and Karen’s wedding dinner, we were really honoured to be invited and were extremely happy for the blissful couple! πŸ™‚ i know how much effort Karen has taken into preparing for the wedding, and you can tell how much Joseph loves Karen simply by how happy he looked on the night of the wedding.

the couple had their pre wedding album shot specially in Taiwan, and Karen looked especially gorgeous in the pictures!

a personalised hanging tree for guests to leave their well wishes for the couple, writing on the back of miniature photographs of the lovely duo πŸ™‚

they even had a caricature of them done! Joseph’s resemblance is uncanny lol.

here’s the proud couple during the 1st march-in. look at Joseph’s blissful expression! aww..

smooching during the cake cutting ceremony!

and guess what.. they had a surprise flash dance in the middle of the wedding, spearheaded by Shamus and Celine! hehe. this good looking couple certainly danced up a storm together with the other jie meis and brothers, definitely paved the dance floor for the newly weds! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

danced to the soundtrack of Bruno Mar’s “Marry You”, how apt!

ending off with the groom hoisting the bride in his arms to the stage! heehee. good job Joseph!!!

2nd march-in.. incredibly sweet with bubble machines blowing bubbles around the couple and looking like it came out of a fairy tale!

here’s the champagne popping..

and the pouring of champagne!

YAAM SENGG!!! could tell how incredibly happy both sides’ of the newly weds’ parents were.

Wendy was happily sitted next to me at the same table! good thing for the company πŸ˜€ ehh Wendy didn’t send me the pictures we camwhored on her camera, so i only have this one! the wedding favor was a really cute rose plushie pen! anyway, the three of us practically devoured all the different courses shamelessly. LOL. go wedding dinner to eat good food mah!

and YZ, well before i even knew Karen, Joseph and YZ were colleagues already! it’s a small world..


managed to get this group photo of us with the newly weds from Facebook! πŸ˜€

OTD: draped grecian toga

not much of a blog post, just wanted to get these pictures up before they turn stale, and also wishing the happily married couple a life time of bliss and blessed joy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ congratulations Joseph and Karen! we’re really happy for the two of you!!!

choir’s resuming today, so my “free” saturdays are now back to the usual “not-so-free” status! mixed feelings, haha. also, my diet’s been going really bad since the last time i said i was going to watch my diet! bahhh. the only productive thing i’ve done is to have signed up and started attending pilates class. this really won’t do!

so here’s my list of staying healthy resolutions for the rest of August and leading to September (10 days only, hope i can keep to it)

1. cut down on fried food

2. no snacks/sweets/junk food etc

3. drink more water, eat more fruits

4. cut down on carbs

5. minimise late night suppers

6. exercise more!

sounds easier said than done, bwahaha. aiya nvm at least i’ll try πŸ˜‰

off for rehearsal! πŸ™‚

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