pretty new nails


this is my virgin experience with acrylic nails (extensions).

and i’ve given away my acrylic nails virginity to Junying, and her Thistlebelle Nail Boutique!!!


exciting much!

Junying emailed me a few weeks back, asking me if i were interested in having my nails done by her, so of courseeee, i agreed! anything for chio-ness!!! and thus we set an appointment, at her home-based salon at Toa Payoh, from where she’s doing nails freelance.

by the way, Junying specializes in nail art and acrylic nails, so if you want a regular mani/pedi, she’s not who you’re looking for! but if what you really lust over are gorgeously decorated and fanciful nails, then you’d love what she transforms plain boring nails into!

just realized i forgot to take any “before” and “after”s of my nails, haha. NVM. moving on!

Junying started by doing the usual: trimming of nails, cutting of dead skin, filing and etc… me likes that she has a very firm and confident grip!

and the amazing acrylic extensions are done by dipping the acrylic powder into some solution, then using a brush to mould onto the nails! it’s damn amazing. like i said, it’s my first time doing acrylic extensions!!!

check this out! magically extended nails with really pretty glittery base!

for my nails, Junying did a combination of nail art with stickers, and acrylic flowers!

the total process took about 3-4 hours.. and the end result is mad pretty!!!

can’t believe how sturdy the extensions are D: i’ve had them for almost 2 weeks already and they are still super hard and look just as nice! only thing is, i’m having some problems with certain tasks that require nimble finger work, like.. opening can tabs, lol. or peeling off the ends of scotch tape -__-

here’s pretty Junying and myself!!

and another picture of my nails. soooo pweetttyyyyy!!!

especially for my readers, Junying is offering a special price of $100 on this set of gorgeous nail art/acrylic extensions, which is really very affordable because i know that acrylic extensions at regular nail salons outside costs at least $150 to $200 at least! just remember to quote my name Yina when contacting Junying at to be entitled to this special promotion!

promotion ends 15 September so don’t wait too long to get your nails done!

do check out the other beautiful nails Junying has done at her website:

i really love some of them!


my birthday presents from Evonne! she got me a couple of inspired “Kate Spade” iPhone 4 cases that were just launched on yesterday! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Gina has got the original Kate Spade casing (ya i also dunno why she can bear to spend the $$$ on an authentic Kate Spade case!) and i swear it’s 90% like the original! made of very sturdy silicon, and in super cutesy polkadots! i chose purple/black and red/white, hehe.

so glossy and pretty!!! (also check out my chio nails that still look so fabulous after 2 weeks HURHUR)

look at them iPhone cases here! they’re only going for $13.90, and i believe you can get an additional 7% off by entering the discount code YINA when you check out!


i’m trying out a new pair of contact lens, Freshkon’s Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown! ๐Ÿ˜€

it’s damn natural! quite comfortable as well.

OTD of the day: F21 cut out top & TVD Skittles A-line skirt! wooots. I LOVE THE SKIRT!

super flattering fit, same fabric as the Lampshade Skirt, and with cute leather trim pockets in contrast colors! will reveal why its called the Skittles skirt when i have some time hahaha. so excitedddd!!! lots of pretty items coming up real soon!

๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


ciao miao. y’know pilates was cancelled on Monday so i haven’t gotten my dose of weekly torture yet!!! hope tomorrow’s pilates class will resume. i feel extremely guilty for having just ate a huge steamboat buffet dinner but it’s so damn irresistible ): slaps self for being extremely weak-willed and glutton-ious.

oh randomly, for those strange comments on the chat box regarding my dress sense and putting on weight and all that, i’m seriously befuddled by whether they’re meant to be insults/flames or readers trying to be helpful? -.- but regardless, thanks for the kind observations! i will keep them in mind.

off to bed! ๐Ÿ™‚

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