diet day 2

good morning!!! ^___^

i had a very good start to my diet yesterday, lol.

relatively good la! stayed away from carbs and i had guava for breakfast, lotus pork rib soup & red mango for lunch, and minced pork with veggies soup for dinner. THEN an apple after my very quickly digested dinner. i feel healthier already.

plus, killer pilates was a torture as usual, it’s honestly the most challenging exercise i’ve ever done in my life! added to that my utmost inflexibility, i almost died. and it’s fun cos it’s cardio pilates, which means we do a variety of cardio exercises to warm up, from aerobics to kickboxing moves to dancing! followed by strength/core training, and stretches to improve flexibility and balance. my most hated apparatus must be the medicine ball!! so gawdamn heavy. and i always can’t stop laughing in class watching the other girls dying along with me. LOL. and laughing at Vera the ballerina 😛 my thighs and abs are aching today!

it’s really a good work out! too bad it’s so expensive at the pilates studio we attend. does anyone have any good recommendations for an affordable pilates centre/studio? might look for an alternative once our package is finished.

as promised, we’re gonna launch tonight!! eggcitedddd or notttt!!! heee.

here are the five colors available.. just to make it harder for you to choose! we have..

Wild Berry (Indigo with Green), Mango Tango (Brick Orange with Yellow), Capsicum Green (Green with Cream), Bubblegum Pink (Hot Pink with Orange) and Black (Black with Hot Pink)

hard choice, i know 😛

model kept Mango Tango, and i kept Bubblegum Pink & Capsicum Green! i love the Wild Berry combi as well. hmmmm.

wearing the Capsicum Green today, with a navy top! the fit of the skirt is really very flattering!

Size M fits me snugly, i think it’d be good for regular UK8 to small UK10! 🙂

so gauge accordingly, okay? the measurements run a little smaller than usual due to the fabric, so i think the fit should be about the same as the Lampshade Skirt.

there’s many more items available tonight (my favourite chiffon shrug!!!!) and new colors for the versatile flap blouse & basic cuffed tee, so check out the facebook page! 🙂 ask away on Formspring if you have any queries!


i have an interesting post coming up for y’all too, from last week’s Biotherm event! 😉

here’s a sneak of the brand new product that’s gonna be launched this week (in a few days time!!) i’ve been test driving it for the past few days, so far so good!

and a group picture of all the ladies at the event!

more on that soon! 🙂

see y’all at launch time tonight!

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