win a miumiu wallet today! D: (no this is not spam)

so… you must be wondering: what the heck is

don’t worry. i only introduce the good stuff!! and this website definitely deserves that spot in your bookmarks bar (in fact i’ve bookmarked it on mine already 😛 ) we girls gotta admit it, we’re all shopaholics here and i’m a self confessed shopaholic too! and obviously you all know what i’m really good at: ONLINE SHOPPING! (bwahahahaha.) introduces a brand new concept into online shopping! the idea is similar to an auction website, except that sources its products from well known brands and names such as Apple, other electronic big names like Sony, Canon & Nikon, and even established ladies brands such as Zara, Topshop and even Miu Miu!

i know right, my eyes totally lit up when i saw those last three brands!!!

i went onto to check it out, and saw some ridiculously incredibly low bids that members have won products at!!! so low it’s too good to be true!!!

now i wish i knew about earlier wtf.


OR A KATE SPADE WALLET FOR $2.25 OMG ultimate!!!!!

some of you might be curious how the entire system works,

and it’s actually really easy! all you need to do is register for an account, buy some Blick Credits, and start bidding away!

and the latest and hottest bid on….

omg! super chio Miumiu wallet that’s only going for $0.15 currently!! it’s gonna be MINE.

less than 20 hours left on this auction, you gotta hurry if you want to stand a chance!!! I must start strategising on how to win it already! bwahaha!!

some other points of interest about

*delivery is absolutely free of charge! NO hidden costs, and definitely very safe & reliable!

* is iPhone & iPad compatible so you can even bid on the go 😀

*there is a function called the Bid Machine that bids for you: all you need to do is to input the price range & number of credits and you’ll be all set! this function also allows you to set multiple Bid Machines so that you will be able to plan and strategise exactly how you want to spend your bids and make the best out of them! so you don’t even need to be in front of the computer in order to bid, the Bid Machine function does it automatically for you!!

* is absolutely credible and has been operating for the past 4 months, with regular Facebook updates and uploads of happy users with their newly bidded for products!!


sign up for an account on naaaoooo!!!

and also, you can win a FREE iPad2 by simply following the instructions below!!

*Pop over to their Facebook page to Like them,

*Watch this video by here,

*Share it on your Facebook page!

( eg. iPad2 Giveaway ! Share this video now to win!)

and you stand to win an iPad 2!!!!

for more information, click here!!!

nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

😀 head over to now!!

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