we love tea parties!

ever since i got myself into this trade,
i feel really blessed to have met a super duper awesome group of amazing people, and our friendships have really grown from strength to strength, and i am so thankful to know all these wonderful people!

not just the friendships,
but we’ve watched one another blossom into their own, in the span of this 1.5 years.. it’s really heartening to see how much everyone has worked so hard to keep our humble little businesses going, from collection to collection! aww… :’)

all of us were really excited for Joyce when she announced that TTR was officially moving into their own office space!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ so of course, we had to visit the new space, and take part in the excitement as well! congratulations Joyceeeee!!!! β™₯


the office is located right above a really cozy and quaint tea house, so of course, we had to have a mini tea party with all the girls, before trooping upstairs to check out the office! πŸ˜› fun fun fun! there were too many cameras, cos all of us are camwhores, lol. thieved some of the pictures from Joyce’s blog and the rest are from my camera!


Min & Joyce!

Reenie & Vera

Zi & Felky!

and obviously, me right. HAHA. poor me, odd one out! πŸ™

we had a jolly time, chatting and laughing, sipping daintily from pretty tea cups, and nibbling on gorgeous pastries and cakes! the interior deco of the tea house is really pretty. definitely gonna visit again when we get the chance!

my lens is cool right! nice circular bokeh effect.

ever camera ready!

i got new sandals and i luurve them! current fav pair of shoes. very easy to match!

camwhoring, laughing, and just having a good time in general. heh

the cakes were yummy! not to mention served prettily on a two tiered cake stand!

little bite-sized portions too.

everyone helping themselves to the food. we ordered quite a variety, from pies to quiches to cakes!

i loved the apple pie! it has a nice crunchy and chewy crust. my favourite sort πŸ˜€

a little slice of tiramisu cake. bite of cake, sip of tea. madly awesome.

we spent a good 3 hours just sitting there laughing and talking, and let’s not forget the camwhoring! bwahahaha. many pictures (of us) ahead!!! πŸ™‚ in fact i think there were more pictures la. i’m just putting up a nice selection πŸ˜›

myself & Min!


using Joyce’s cool G12 camera with the swivel screen! very good camera for cam whores. confirm every picture also look good!


Vera & myself! πŸ˜€

add in Joyce + Zi… πŸ˜€

the quartet: MGG, TVD, TTR & LRH!

collectively known as.. MegaTinselVelvetHeel.

or maybe.. LittleVelvetMegaRack.

OR.. RedTinselDollGamie (????)

anyway, this is the only sane looking group photo we took lor.

the little bit siao LRH girls at the back…

and this is the everyone-try-to-act-cute-and-fail-with-Vera-die-laughing shot. HAHAHAHA.

super long name right! lolololz.


then we went up to the office and christened the new space with more photo taking, this time with my Fuji Instax so that Joyce could put up the pictures as momentos!

love the pictures!!!

here’s to all of us, to persevere on and work hard together, and go beyond the boundaries with every step forward we take! we can do it! without this lovely group of girls, i doubt we’d have made it this far. am sincerely very happy for each and every single one of us! from our starting days til now.. it’s been a long and rewarding (sometimes arduous) journey thus far, and there’s still a long way to go!

and sharing something very appropriately funny that Joyce showed me. LOL

remember, when in doubt…

it’s an industry insider joke la. if you don’t think it’s funny, it’s okay πŸ˜›


on another note,

that’s the last you’d see of my (almost) blond hair for now, cos i just re-visited Salon Vim today to do a color touch-up as the base color wasn’t dark enough for my liking, so now i look like a totally new person! D:

very guai-looking according to my friends who are not used to seeing my hair so dark. actually, it isn’t really all that dark, but definitely several shades darker compared to the color i had for the past 3 months!! i like it though, cos it brings out the highlights at the ends of my hair better, and the contrast is really nice!!

coolios or what! i really like the highlights! though i think i will miss being a blond bimbo. hahaha.

am pretty sure the color will fade a little though, my hair doesnt take to dark colors well cos it’s naturally sun bleached.

i’ll post up more pictures of the new hair again! it’s YZ’s birthday on the 9th and i’ve got an early dinner celebration planned for him tomorrow (oh wait. actually it’s today since it’s 4.30AM already)

β™₯ CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!! excited excited πŸ˜€ update again soon!!

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