the travelogues: Krakow, Poland (day 1)

hello! heehee.

havent blogged much for the past few days, been busy with work!
dunno if anyone missed the updates on this space, bwahaha. *thick skinned much*

anyway, my aim is to finish blogging abt Poland by the end of August! sounds do-able if i get around to blogging at least one entry per week πŸ˜› really don’t wanna miss out on penning down any of the really amazing experiences we had there!

we extended our trip, after the competition was over, and travelled in our circus of 7 people, haha πŸ˜€ first time travelling with this bunch of people, and we had so much fun! all these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.. i’m not very good with expressing it in words, but i’ll just photo blog as usual πŸ˜‰ 


our first leg of the trip was Krakow, where we booked an apartment for our 4-day stay in the city! so a long train ride from the Warsaw airport to Krakow, and we arrived in Krakow in the evening, so all we did was to spend (a lot of effort and time) the evening locating our apartment, and going out for a nice dinner to relax and chill before we went back to rest so we had energy for the next few days of exploration!

had to collect our keys to the apartment and also make payment at the main office.

and made our way to apartment! located in the Old Town area of Krakow, which is the most touristy area and really convenientttt.

random shots on way to apartment!

the grandest church in Krakow, St Mary’s Basilica πŸ™‚
so we found the building our apartment was located in….. but we simply couldn’t figure out which floor it was on…. -___- the key refused to unlock the door so we thought we might be on the wrong floor??!

NOTE to anyone travelling to Poland (or parts of Europe): level 1 is normally known as Ground Floor, or level 0, so level 1 is our level 2, so on and so forth… 

we happily thought our apartment was on level 2 (yayyy easy luggage lugging!!!) but in the end…

"Walao eh! are we there yet???" *pant & huff & puff* "Is it the right unit or not???""

we finally found the right unit, and i think it was on the 4th floor or something??? thankfully, we had our two boys (the youngest in the group but kena bullied by us to become slave labour hahaha) to help with all the heavy luggages! no easy feat to hoist all of them up the many flights of stairs..

regardless, we were too tired to be anything less than overjoyed. and the apartment was so spacious and comfortable!!

checking out the facilities. 

our initially spick & span bedroom that eventually turned into the Room Of Shame (and Mess)

the sun was setting just as we reached the apartment. heh. everyone whipped out their cameras, cos we had a really fantastic view of the town from our apartment window!

so pretty!

night was falling..

we already had plans to dine at a fancy restaurant, and guess what, there was a Michelin restaurant right downstairs our apartment! so we all freshened ourselves up and dressed up prettily just to go downstairs for our dinner… LOL πŸ˜›

the ladies…

and the men! πŸ™‚
now it’s just gonna be pictures of the food!!!

anyway, food in Poland is awesome. i had a hard time controlling myself from eating too much cos the portions are so huge and everything’s so tasty!

zurek soup which is the best soup on earth :3

our starter! salmon carpaccio which was really excellent.

wine there is so cheap!

my goose meat with golden pears (those are pears not cherries!!) and some kind of beetroot and jam.. i love how their meats are so savoury with cooked fruits and jam! it was really delish and the texture was so soft and melt-in-your-mouth… now i’m hungry again ._.

some beef tenderloin, Marissa’s i think! soooo yummehhhhh.


we all ordered different dishes and shared around, everything was so good! definitely lived up to its name as a Michelin restaurant.

didn’t manage to take alot of pics cos the lighting inside was too cozy and dim!

we shared three desserts to end off the delicious meal πŸ˜€

warm cheese cake (OMGGGGG…. i don’t even like cheese and i loved this)

chocolate cake (super dense and rich!!)


warm apple pie with ice cream. the best combination in the world (only sticky date toffee pudding with ice cream wins)

ending off with a random pic of the decor. hahahahaha.

 after that, we went back "home" upstairs and talked til daylight the next morning. so fun!


sorry i’m so random.

i need to warm up to the travel blogging!  we spent another 3 days in Krakow with some day trips out of town, and i have lots more to blog about! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ i love travelling. it feels so surreal to wake up in a foreign land, outside of a hectic schedule, with nothing to look forward to except eating good food and exploring strange sights! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚




the dress i wore for dinner is a self-manufactured piece that’s gonna be launched next! it’s perfect for girly dates. love the elegant princess sleeves and lace details!!


end off post with today/s OTD. top that’s coming up in the next collection! oh oh the preview is up too on Facebook πŸ˜€ 

the skirt’s from!  


love the knot back details! πŸ˜€ comes in Mint as well.

the skirt is gonna be launched in the same collection as well! in Rose & Teal πŸ˜€


i did a kickass preview here!


see the rest on TVD’s Facebook page ok!


my diet isn’t going too well. keep on wanting to eat! πŸ™ i think it’s PMS.

so easy to blame everything on PMS lol. have an awesome weekend, i’m going out for dinner with the office peeps now! bwahaha. 


be back soon!


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