salon vim: cruise collection summer looks!

to blog about my latest visit to Salon Vim.. this time round i had a partner-in-hairy-crime, my Eils baybeh! as seeing that Salon Vim is currently having a GSS promo (til the 24th July!), Eils decided to come along to get her hair done cos she really liked what Salon Vim did for her previously 🙂

Salon Vim just introducted a new Cruise Collection Summer Looks, so Steph suggested that i go for a modified “Sunset Horizon” look! which is really cool. it’s a duo-tone hair color style, with a darker base color, and bright highlights at the ends of the hair. so exciting and i immediately agreed to it! can always trust the reliable hands of my awesome hair stylist!

we went through the usual procedure.. color/highlight, steaming, washing off the chemicals, treatment, wash/blow dry, then cut/trim!

you know what’s really amazing, is that this is my fourth or fifth time in roughly 6 months coloring my hair, and yet my hair condition has been improving gradually over the months! i shit you not. despite the frequent salon visits to touch up on my hair color and all that, my hair texture has actually gotten better instead of being damaged and spoilt!

i attribute it to the fabulous Loreal hair products and also the intensive hair treatment i do every visit! *sompa cross my heart and swear* it’s really really good!!!! Eils baybeh also did treatment after her color/highlight and she says it’s good too!

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa two happy girlies.
Eils did this really chio ash blond tone! very sui to the max!

had my fringe trimmed too, heh. this thing about bangs growing out is pretty irritating, but i’ve come to terms with it because i really really look much younger with the bangs. so it’s here to stay for awhile!

check out the duo-tone hair color, it ain’t very obvious in this picture, but the ends are a brighter orangey chestnut tone while the rest of my hair is ash brown 🙂 i might be going back to touch up on the hair color though, cos the base color didn’t come out dark enough!


anyway, the GSS promo i was talking about is on-going til the 24th July, so if you’re in need of some hair-lovin, pop over down to Salon Vim to get your cut+color+highlight from $99 onwards! 😉 it’s definitely worth it!

313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09


ask for my hairstylist Stephanie if you like what she’s done with my hair (and also Eils’ hair)!

woo iphone photog apps are so fun!!!

i was feeling damn accomplished cos i brought my netbook along and managed to clear the emails while waiting for our hair to be done! woohoo. i is hardworking!!


Eils and i were starving after having sat at the salon for close to 5 hours! went to my favourite foodie place in town, Marmalade Pantry at ION! yea yea i’m so boring we ordered the same old items again. but they are so yummeh especially the sticky date & toffee pudding with ice cream! totally cannot be missed.

please look at Eils’ ridiculously giant Hello Kitty iphone casing. it’s in a class of its own and it’s so damn bling! the gem-encrusted HK is so huge the phone can stand on its own! -.- damn 神奇.

nomming on food after afternoon of starvation!

must-have every trip to MP. crabmeat linguine 😀

steak sandwich that is quite good as well!

my mostest favouritest dessert ever!!! sticky date & toffee pudding with ice cream. SALIVATES.

ONE LAST PICTURE OF MY CHIO HAIR, with the nais curls that Steph blow-dried for me!!
i am gonna do a proper perm on it in perhaps another month’s time! just waiting for it to get just a leeeeeetle bit longer ;D

next morning hair photos under natural light,


super love. it’s so friggin awesome to have a hair sponsor 🙂 i feel comforted knowing that my hair is in good hands!! am forever grateful to the peeps at Salon Vim, especially Gary, John & Steph! my hair is x 10000 times much more chio now honestly. i was looking back at old blog entries, and very appalled by my previous shapeless and not-nice hair styles! D: D: D:


moving on to the next random topic,

i’ve been talking about weight loss for eternity, but all i’ve been doing is to eat and eat and eat, and i am super mad guilty! hoping that penning this down on my blog will help motivate me some. it’s not helping that stupid YZ is like how skinny now!!! i did this side-by-side comparison of his old picture from 2 years ago, and a recent picture, SEE!!!

WHAT IS THIS?????? HAHAHAHA. from FLAB TO FAB!!! woooots. weight loss sucess story. and YZ is so irritating sometimes. whenever someone comments on his weight loss, like “哇,你瘦了很多耶!!!!” he 充满自信 and replies with “哦,我还会更瘦的!” hahahaha wtf lorrrr! tsk. just say thank you very much can already right!

i also found an old picture of myself with bangs too, so this is my before-and-after:

fwaahh! damn fat my face last time. same hair style but i looked so terrible in it! show how good Salon Vim is to make me look good in bangs *wink wink* hahahahahahaha.

ok anyway,

i know i’m still thinner than my previously whale-sized self, BUT all the flabs are coming back slowly but surely and i must find a way to fight it!!!!


hard way out: i need to stop eating so unhealthily and start exercising!!!!

motivation motivation.

我会加油的!!! i shall give myself three months to achieve results. milestone #1 shall be in a month’s time.

if this plan doesnt succeed, the results will never see the light of day on this blog and this will just become another empty proclamation. but if it does, THREE MONTHS will be my target time span to see those flabs say bye bye (AWAY WITH THOSE BYE BYE ARMS!!!!)

if not i swear i will go for lipo or something.


enough of my fat whines.

i must resist all that snacking and bad food! -.-

off to bed. tomorrow marks the start of my “new beginning”!

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