S A L E !!!!!

it’s a SALE tonight on thevelvetdolls! heh heh heh…
there”s gonna be many items up for grabs, all at incredible low prices!! plus there’s additional savings too if you follow our Facebook promotion!

$1 off total purchase of 1 items
$5 off total purchase of 2 items
$8 off total purchase of 3 items & above!!

Step 1: “Like” our Facebook Page to become a fan of TheVelvetDolls,
Step 2: Click on “Like” and “Share” to share this photo on your Facebook page! 🙂
Step 3: When placing your order on Livejournal, please include your Facebook User Name so that we can check!

this sales is only from 19-22 July, and all prices will revert back to normal after 22 July midnight! items will be sold on a 1st-comment-1st-serve basis, with a grace period of 12 h before the item is let go to the next interested buyer.

grab them while you can!! our last sales was like one year ago or something?? hahha.

so remember to check it out at 9PM sharp! 😀


anyways, if you don’t follow me on instagram, come and join in the fun!!! me loves spamming instagram with lots of pictures.

taken during photoshoot time last Sat! eggcites. lots of new clothes waiting to be launched! we do kinda look alike hor. i think it’s the eyebags haha

the skies have been exceptionally beautiful these couple of days! taken this morning when i was up at 6am.

ruched knot skirt coming up in the next collection… ;D ;D ;D

me & my boyyyy

super adorably cute eyebrow tweezer Min got me from Koreaaaa! i love!!

spastic looking Reenie and myself bwahahaha.

my K-Paletted look iphoned.

btw i love this MagicHour app that connects straight to Instagram! double love! you can download a million and one filters! i’m so lazy to bring out my cameras nowadays. hhahahaha :X

i’m gonna blog more abt Poland soon! omg.. so many pictures to edit. still have like 6 days of photos left! ;(

anyway, the first kickboxing class was quite interesting! we might go and try hot yoga or pilates next, and see which one we prefer. does anyone have any recommendations?? let me know!!!

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