i received another nice fat parcel from Risque! my favourite online shop to browse through for accessories/stockings now! and this is my current favourite, a pair of sheer polkahearts patterned stockings!

got three pairs of stockings, all in various hearts patterns! ♥ ♥ ♥

i also did some accessories shopping, i love their owly accessories! this pair of owl earrings are too adorable 😀

matched with this super funny looking crazy owl ring!

heehee. LOVE it!!!

i really really like the hearts stockings! they are soooo cute. wore it for my performance last last week. the dress is an upcoming piece on TVD too, i love the flowy asymmetrical hem!

wore cute suede mary janes to go with the stockings 😀

my beef (BF) and i. from now on i shall just call him Beefcake since he’s so fit and shuai now.

the versatile chain bracelets i got from Risque are now restocked in both colors!

i have em both and they’re greaaat to spice up any outfit! get them while stocks last!
there are lots of other great buys over at Risque, and there’s an additional 7% off if you key in the promotional code YINA when checking out! 😀


go shop to your hearts’ content! (pun intended)


i realised that i’ve been getting lazier and lazier with pictures,
and i haven’t posted any pictures of my madly cute and adorable pets for ages! they always cheer me up when i come home to see my crazily-happy-to-see-me-home fat chihuahua prancing about like nobody’s business, or the mad-enthusiastically-trying-to-jump-on-me-but-too-tiny QQ turning excitedly in circles! i really love my pets!

bought this toy lens from eBay for my E-P1 some time ago, and here’s some shots using this lens on my pets as test subjects! 😀 the lens has a really cool slight fish eye and circular bokeh effect! it’s a manual lens though so cannot auto focus. bad for capturing moving subjects if you’re slow with MF like me -.-

this is Fatso (Baby) scratching her itchy spot. she looks amazingly fat right!!! i think she needs to diet with me. i will attempt to bring her out for a jog soon!

the two rascals.

innocent looking QQ! (also known as Shaggy) she is soooo endearing she makes everyone go “Awww…..”

*literal puppy eyes*

our three fat delicious-looking hammy 包s. i think they must be very yummy because the dogs are always staring at them and licking their lips.

one of them escaped the other day and i was pretty sure it had ended up as dog food, but it miraculously survived and appeared a few hours later in a corner of the room!!! lucky thing.

last picture taken with my normal 1.7 20mm lens.

today’s diet was quite fail, i was snacking on M&Ms the entire afternoon! 🙁

tried to eat less for dinner though. boohoo. i will try to drag myself out for a jog soon.
who wants to join me in my diet!! let’s do it together!!!!

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