birthdaycelebrations part.ii

part ii of YZ’s birthday celebrations!

i bought tickets for Lion King the week before his birthday, and almost all the seats were sold out already, probably cos it was a Friday night show! damn difficult to find good seats, so i settled on Cat C $125 tickets… but when i proceeded to check out, SISTIC just didn’t want to accept my debit card number! (something to do with DBS needing an OTP and mobile no. not being updated thingy…) i was like desperate cos there were so few seats left already!!!

so in the end, i resorted to using YZ’s OCBC card to pay for the tickets. HAHA. and then the next day YZ was like, “did you use my card to pay for something?” *cue puzzled expression* i was like, yessss i didddddd (fervently praying that he didn’t check what the transaction was for and see the SISTIC name in the transaction history or something!)

fortunately, my BF is not very observant when it comes to such things. LOL. so he didn’t ask me anything more about what i used his card for and i heaved a sigh of relief 😛

but i guess our Lion King pilgrimage was meant to be fraught with peril, lol. cos we had a really hard time getting to MBS from Dozo with only about 20 minutes time to travel (with no grace period) and we almost missed the start of the show!!! D: D: D: both of us were pratically turning hysteric while getting lost on the way there. bwahahaha. but WE MADE IT!!!

well the show was fantastic! visually and musically, it was really stunning! i love the puppet play and all the different elements involved in the theatrical performance. watch it if you haven’t! look at the super cute plushies! was tempted to get one but i know it’d just be collecting dust somewhere in my room, so i settled for pictures with it 😛

of course we had to take a picture with the display. yay Lion King!!!

heheh. YZ’s shirt was bought by me too btw! got it from ZARA in Poland. (aiya i think can find in Singapore but you know, shopping overseas is infinitely more shiok) i made him wear it so that we were color-coordinated. LOL.

more pictures of my outfit!
Embroidered Mesh Summer Maxi (TVD/MGG collaboration)
Chiffon Cardi (MGG)
& i stole my mama’s Chanel 2.55 haha.

yes, i ran through MBS like a siao charbo in a maxi and carrying a Chanel -___-

it’s very stressful to carry out a lambskin bag though! cos everytime someone brushes past me i’d be worried that the bag will get scratched! 🙁 don’t think i will get a lambskin for myself. maybe a caviar next time hehe once i’ve saved up the money 😛

also wearing the sandals i posted in my tea party entry. matched really well with the maxi! i love how slimming maxis are, and so elegant too!

we went home very happy, and did i mention that i had a third surprise up my sleeve for my dearest boyfriend? heehehehe. luckily he’s quite daft to this kind of things, so i can usually plan to my hearts content and not have him suspect a single thing, LOL. i mentioned earlier that he was gonna be in rehearsal for Giant Star 2011 the entire day on his actual birthday, so we had a advanced celebration for him. but he didn’t know that his competition mates and myself had another mini surprise celebration planned for him on his actual birthday! but his rehearsal ended so late and by the time i popped out with his birthday cake, his birthday was technically over already. hahahahaha.

i took a cab down to Mediacorp with his cake, and was let in by Jiaming, my co-conspirator! damn… ended up having to sit inside a pingpong room at Mediacorp with his cake, and waited for about an hour for the rehearsal to end cos they overran the rehearsal, and the candles were sinking into the cake cream already! ;(

by the way,
this cake from Rive Gauche is superrrr good!!! 2nd time i’ve bought it for YZ, and it’s so yummy i can’t help having extra servings of it even though i don’t like cake. HAHA. really!!!! it’s chocolatey and comes with a cripsy wafer base, not too sweet and extremely delish. must try!!! hehheh. so it was MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for his last birthday surprise! 😉

Felicia, YZ & Jiaming!

finally finished all these birthday celebrations thingy.

that’s it for today!
oh oh oh, i’ve signed up for kickboxing class with a couple of my office chumps and tonight’s our trial session!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR IT OMG i hope i’m not terribly terribly bad at it and kill myself trying 😀 say yay to keeping fit and burning the fats away!

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