XYY back in action!!


tomorrow we will be singing at Popular Family Extravaganza!

and YZ and i will duet 2 songs,

and sing 2 separate songs as well.


we had some fun practicing earlier, and even recorded a video just for kicks! 😀

this is one of the songs we will be singing tomorrow. 神木与童’s very popular song, 宽恕!

we love this song! hope you’ll like it too!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

ok huh pardon our lame selves. please come down to Bras Basah Complex tomorrow to watch our performances!! it’s free, and you get to shop at the book fair too, lol.

lookie that’s me in the banner for the event! D: before i cut my bangs somemore.

my superstar boyfriend and i. hehe

and the new chiffon keyhole top upcoming in the next collection!

love it.

matched it with a mustard weaved belt and black jeans.

come down tomorrow to support us kay! 😀

love love!

ps. since XYY is in action, TVD is out of action this weekend haha all email replies resume Monday okay!! ._.

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