i am so incredibly slow it’s amazing 🙁
4.30AM now and all i managed to do was to edit pictures and do up a preview.
there’s still a whole inbox-ful of unanswered emails :(((( i’m so sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

BUTTT i really super love this collection, so i had to make the preview as pretty as possible!!!
also, say hello to our latest Velvet Doll, Cher! 😉

this has got to be one of my mostest favouritest manufactured item to date!
it’s a Miss Selfridge-inspired suede paperbag shorts, and i snitched Gina’s original piece (which is in Olive Green) to bring to our supplier to re-make it! best part of all, we even improved on the cutting (the original shorts were a little on the short side and not quite highwaisted enough) and i am sooo in love with the end product!!!!

seriously, the fit is just awesome and it really makes my bottom look alot smaller than it actually is! the suede material is very sturdy and comfortable as well, and the workmanship is definitely just as good as the original which is retailing for like $79 sing or something?

i wear a size M, and it’s just a teeny bit snug on me.. time to lose weight! ;(

the shorts come in S, M & L, the sizing is roughly the same as the Chic Porter Shorts, or any of our other shorts. the fabric isn’t very stretchable, but the tie-sash can help to tighten the waist portion if it’s a little too big, so it shouldn’t be a problem for the tiny-waisted girls! comes in Navy (as seen in my pictures above), Almond, Olive Green & Camel. i am so in love with all the colors i really cannot choose!

also, the Lego Reversible Tunic will be launched tonight as well, there were a couple customers asking about it! 🙂 TVD’s color exclusives are Fuchsia/Indigo, & Cyan/Orange! uber loving the pop colours and fabulous contrast!! one side has the inner hem peeking out so it’s really colorful and nice 😀

looks awesome worn tucked in or out!! i kept both colors, heh 😀 wore it in Poland together with my fab new skirt and its sooo naaisss! mad versatile and super easy to wear!

pardon the fat face. i’m supposed to be on a diet (but fail) -.-

also in the collection: BO extras for the Relaxed Button-Down Blouse in Teal & Nude! 😀 as well as some left-over stocks from deadbuyers from the last few collections, including the Cabriole Tulip Skirt, Kimono Drape Top etc etc. last chance to grab those cos they won’t be restocked anymore!

S63 is launching at 8.30PM tonight! i’ll be busy clearing emails before then, but feel free to ask away on Formspring if you have any queries on the collection, i’ll try my bestest to answer em! 😀 pssst. if you also like the tops paired with the shorts in the preview, they’re all upcoming pieces on TVD as well!! excited much!!!!

and i am mad serious about controlling my diet. this is post-Poland syndrome. but it is so omfg difficult because i’m surrounded by good food and friends eating good food all the time. arghhh. kill me. i must.. resist…….


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