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guess who’s turning 25 this year!!!

not me: though i’m almost there… 🙁 sadly! but being older is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re a well-loved household brand, like MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH!!! i don’t think i really need to say much about MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH, it’s well known to be Singapore’s No.1 chilled juice brand and it’s definitely my family’s favorite!! we nearly always have at least a carton of refreshing PEEL FRESH fruit juice in our refrigerator! 😀

so in order to celebrate and commemorate this coming of age, MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH is rolling out a slew of fun and exciting activities especially for us Singaporeans, and this blog post is to introduce you to one of them: ADD A FRESH FACE TO MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH contest!

the contest is simple: design a panel for the MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH carton, and stand to win super fresh and attractive prices if you’re one of the selected 12 designs, as well as have your work featured on PEEL FRESH’s Anniversary Limited Edition Packs!! these limited edition packs will feature a fresh face on the outside but the same juicy goodness that’s high in fortified vitamins inside!!

you don’t need to be a designer: simply play with text, photos, or even hand-drawn graphics to put forth your freshest and most creative design panel!! (check out the website for more details & information!)

Top 3 Designs
– $2500 cash

4th to 12th design
– $250 cash

The top 3 designs will be featured on PEEL FRESH’s 25th Anniversary limited edition pack,
On top of the prizes above, the 12 winners will also win exclusive entry passes to PEEL FRESH’s birthday bash event with 98.7 deejays on 13 Aug at Butter Factory!

i am SO lusting over that iPad 2, not to mention $2500 in cash!
and thus i spent 3 hours of hard work designing my very own entry for the contest…


here’s my very awesome entry (if i do say so myself!) 😉 😉

when i think fresh, i think of water and when i think of water i think of waves and the sea! so i re-worked a very famous traditional japanese woodblock artwork, into a colorful fresh rendition, along with a juicy orange sun and sunrays!!! all done in Photoshop by the way. NICE RIGHT.

even if you don’t wish to submit an entry, you can win yourself a Seinnheiser Headset, by participating as a voter!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!! i would really like some money and an iPad 😀 please please pretty please with a nice fresh juicy cherry on top!!!

don’t wait!! head on down to to design a fresh face now! 😀 😀



Any Fresher, You’ll have to peel it yourself.

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