some time out

woohoo i absolutely love Marmalade Pantry’s Crabmeat Linguini and Sticky Date & Toffee Pudding!

everyone should go and try those two dishes! the Crabmeat Linguini is flavourful and tasty at every mouthful, the pasta is cooked al dente and just right (not too hard nor overcooked), the crabmeat portions are really generous and the additional crunch of the pine nuts makes it extra yummy! don’t need to say much about the Sticky Date & Toffee Pudding with ice cream too, the butterscotch sauce drizzled over warm sticky and gooey pudding with ice cream is an unbeatable combination 😀 soooo gooooood.

yay! glad that Chien is coming back to singapore for good soon! 😀
love love. promise i won’t be such a bad friend anymore 🙁

and randomly, the hamies are all growing so cute and fluffy x10000 i just had to put up some pictures of them to end off this entry. they’ve been fighting alot though! 🙁 i think we might have to separate them so that they don’t get hurt. these small little creatures can get rather vicious too! hello Ba Zhang, Har Gao and Snickers!

but still, waayyy too cuteee! hahahaha.
i love hamsters. so adorable. when i was Primary 6 and got 251 for my PSLE, the first thing i requested from my daddy as a gift was a pair of hamsters. HAHAHA! and when i did badly for my exams, my dad would lock up my hamster cage door with lock and key so that i couldn’t play with them :X my dream was to be a vet! except i realised i had to study for about 20 years so i decided i wasn’t smart enough and abandoned all hopes of becoming one. plus i couldn’t see myself opening up a dog on the surgical table -___-

eh it’s gonna be 3am! going to bed now because i’m about to fall asleep typing.
g’night g’night!

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