typing this in the middle of the night where i am now, in Sopot, Poland!

we spent an entire 26 hours in transit, just to get to here D: D: took a 12-hour flight from Singapore to Amsterdam, after that another 3 hours to Warsaw, Poland & a very long 7 hour bus ride.. my poor butt!!

anyway, we’re still in the midst of competition, it’s been busy busy singing, performing, competing, ya da ya da.. tons of fun!!! hehe 😀 dont know if its the cold air or just alot of hard work, but we’re being fed three meals a day and it’s like damn fattening 🙁 and i’m eating alot!! shiok. ahahaha. the food here is pretty awesome! we’re staying in a church seminary a short walk away from the train station from where we take the train to the city where the choral festival is being held. It’s situated on a hill so we have to climb up and down everyday! Also there’s a small woods right behind where we’re staying and it’s so pretty 🙂

we still have about 2 more days of competition and concerts and performances,

then another week of touring before i’m back, so i won’t be having any lengthy posts yet. but here’s some pictures from the trip so far! Woon got me this awesome pinhole toy lens for my EP1 and the pictures are so nice!! those that are slightly blur with vignetting are pictures taken with the pinhole lens. the rest are taken with my regular panasonic 20mm lens 🙂

enjoy the pictures! 🙂 will update again soon when i have some spare time! 🙂

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