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just a short entry.
i’m leaving Singapore on Monday and am absolutely swarmed with work, rehearsals and last minute preparations for the two weeks away! 🙁 only left office at like 4am the day before because there’s so many things to do. i also dont know why!! i’ll be away from the 23rd May to 7th June, no idea if there’s any internet over there but i’ll bring along my netbook anyway.

will also try to prepare a collection or two in advance if possible so Gina and our helper can still keep things going while i’m not around! please be nice okay cos some stuff that are mostly handled by me might not be addressed until i’m back (etc. when which backorders are arriving and all that) also, previews might be updated on our Facebook page instead.

so we had one last shoot with our dear Clara, who’s going to start work soon, and we might not see so much of her on TVD in future! she’s a really awesome person who’s always very funny to shoot. wahaha. because i’m nice i won’t share her unglam pictures!

alot of people commented that we look alike! HAHA. ok fine so Clara is much prettier. must be the same smile or something!

last couple of OTDs to share!

Megagamie’s leather trim shorts in Black,

chiffon-back cardigan that’s in the process of being manufactured, i love it!

suede fringe bag previously sold on TVD

also wearing this awesome pair of kelly green eyelet flats! woo. i love how the color pops!

chiffon lace pleat blouse that’s finallyyyy arrived! wore the cream version in this entry


and so many girls were asking abt it.

it’s probably gonna be launched in the next collection! 🙂 comes in Mauve (as seen above), Lemon Cream, Dusty Pink & Navy Blue! it’s meant to be sheer by the way. we are including a inner nude tube for it so you girls can wear it out with ease 😀

today’s agenda is to verify payments now, pack and mail all paid orders from S59 so that customers can get them asap! followed by rehearsal tonight, and tomorrow as well. 3 more days before flying and i havent packed a single thing! D: D: the weather is a nice 15-20 deg so yayy to layering. i’ve been going mad shopping for shoes/stuff to layer over there. HAHA 😀 we’re going to be competing in Sopot for the first week, and travelling to Krakaw and Warsaw after that! wooots excites!

off to work, be back again soon! 😉

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