randomly. TVC for the very last episode of 2击队 to be aired this coming Tuesday!

zomg last one already ;( oh we did so badly. but the other teams were reaaally good, so do watch it! 🙂

semi finals part 1: our song 让每个人都心碎 starts from about 11:45 🙂

it’s very funny!! HAHAHA. YZ’s hand couldn’t stop trembling cos of stage fright! must observe the close-up shots to spot it! LOL 😀 the judges couldnt stop laughing over it :S

semi finals part 2: 一眼瞬间 from 4:30 onwards…

i didn’t sing so well for this song, started out very shaky and unstable and you can see my eyes going all over the place.. -.- but it ended quite okay i think 😛

hope you like! 🙂 and have an awesome weekend!!!

going out for another full-day rehearsal, gonna come back and pia emails tonight and tomorrow! ><

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