happy mama’s day!

we brought Mumsy out for Mother’s Day dinner last Sunday, together with Auntie Ivy and Gary!
headed to Shin Kuishiya’s newly opened outlet at Serangoon Gardens My Village. the food was okay, but service was rather slow. still i love the yakitori and skewered stuff there! 😀 😀 awesome max. three of us shared to get a netbook for Mumsy as a mother’s day present to kickstart her digital journey, and i just created an account on Facebook today for her! lol there goes my digital privacy. but good thing Mummy’s english is quite limited so it aint that bad! :X

i actually wrote one whole entry in quite alot of detail, but thanks to LJ and the crappy internet, i lost the entry and now i can’t be bothered to re-write it anymore! zzzz -___-

But you know my mother is like the most bimbotic mother ever. One day, she actually called all three of us on the phone one after another, just to ask us what our blood type were -.- and after telling her i was a type O, she replied with a disappointed “hmph.. You’re daddy’s daughter then, sad.. Only lina is my daughter (because lina takes after mummy’s blood type while gina and i inherited daddy’s), I’m jealous!”

-.-||| you tell me bimbo or not!!!

There are a million and one more bimbotic incidents but I shan’t relate them all, shall save my mummy some face 😀 hahahahahaha. I love her for her bimbotic-ness!!!

so.. pictures of the food, which was pretty yummy in general! especially heart the foie gras and mushrooms. favouritest!

moving on to human pictures…

the two mummys present! that’s my 二姑姑 btw, i think i actually resemble her quite abit!

lil sis Lina. we have similar smiles? other than that, no resemblance 😛

Gina with the mummys. she looks the most like Mumsy!

myself, i think i’m kinda a mixture of both of them… D:

Lina dunno look like who? lol

our teeth look the same! hahaha spastic.

happily eating!

Gina (who conveniently borrows my clothes all the time) and myself

group picture of all the ladies present because the lone male is the one behind the camera!

Mumsy! and myself!

Mummy doesnt like to smile with her teeth showing because she has crooked front teeth and she’s conscious about that. bwahaha. super duper 爱美.

Lina also very conveniently borrowed this top from our warerobe. just one of the many TVD items we own :S

car shot!


bwahaha. if you’re wondering where the chiffon shrug on me is from, it’s a piece from my wardrobe that i’m planning to manufacture for TVD! mad love the flowy bell sleeves and clinched waist! am still open to color suggestions at this point of time so if you’re dying to see it in like neon yellow or shrek green or something… tell me!! i’m thinking more towards tones like brick red, lilac-ish grey, tangerine etc… what do you think?

i love the gold buttons! vintage-y.

ending off with a picture of myself. my bangs are growing out really fast! still contemplating if i should keep the bangs or just grow them out. didn’t realise that keeping bangs is actually quite a hassle! ):

enough of blogging, it’s another long day ahead (yes, what’s new) and we’re having a shoot for a few of the new manufactured items that are absolutely love! the best part of running a blogshop is definitely the pretty clothes! woohoo! bwahahaha. i’m sure all my shopaholic friends are nodding in unison.

okiedokies, i’m off to bed! 🙂

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