happy labour day!

it’s a public holiday tomorrow right, but we were already slogging in the office today (Sunday!!) replying emails and packing parcels hai.
so so so so so so many things to doooooooo!

Reversi Asymmetrical Chiffon Tunic in Sky/Matcha,
i’m totally lovin’ this piece! some girls are asking me for previews of the 3 color combinations we have for the tunic, the other two color combinations are Cream/Fuschia & Navy/Mustard! 😉

don’t ask me to pick a favourite cos they’re all so nice!
and yes you can choose to wear it either off-shoulder or just like a regular tshirt tunic.

Clara looks so fab in it too! 😀 i loooooove.
yes, you also spotted the ruched overlay bandage skirt which is being restocked in black and introduced in dusty pink! superly sweet color that’s really refreshing and nice!

oh oh i also wanna show off the other new item coming up in the next launch!
it’s a polkadot denim dress that is utterly adorable! kinda reminds me of a Topshop piece that i saw!

mumsy and myself!

is mad chio de. love it! hopefully launching the above items either Mon/Tues night.

moving on,

going to share some pictures from the Biotherm bloggers’ dinner i attended together with JY!
it was held at Merry Men at Robertson Quay, JY and i spent the better part of 30 minutes trying to locate the place and we were sooo late :((( smart us also parked REALLY far away lor, and we ended up walking from one end of the quay to the other -.-

it was a cozy little dinner and we enjoyed it alot! 🙂
pity we didn’t get to talk to the other girls much because we were seated at a long table and it was pretty hard to converse with the girls at the other side!

notice all the cute cardboard cutouts we were holding? 😀

they were part of a set up the Biotherm ladies had put up to introduce the star product of the day, Biotherm’s newly launched Aquasource series!

Jazlyn, who did a very comprehensive introduction of Biotherm, as well as sharing with us alot about the brand new Aquasource Deep Hydration Moisturiser! the Biotherm girls tell us they all swear by it now! i’ve just started using it! will do a proper review of it after a week! 🙂

it comes in two formulas, one is ultra hydrating (for dry skin) and the other one is for combi/oily skin. i’m using the green one for combi skin!

JY and i while nomming on our dinner! food there was pretty good! we both are supposed to be on a no-carbs diet. it isn’t working out very well for me unfortunately everyone keeps on jio-ing me out for meals that inevitably include carbs ):

bruschetta and mushroom soup.
good thing all the portions were bite-sized if not i’d have stuffed myself :X

blue cheese burgers! the patties were yummeh and juicy!

ended off with pana cotta 😀 sinful but oh-so-good.

the Biotherm girls were super sweet and prepared goodie bags for all of us,
the bags are so cute!!! 超爱 ♥

and they put in super duper adorable sunnies in our goodie bags! LOL. perfect for camwhoring.

hiao to the max!

yea yea we look like siao ding dongs.

we’re normal people too okay! don’t laugh at us! ._.

group picture! :))

老娘我! i have to say this again. I LOVE MY HAIRRRRRR

Aquasource Deep Hydration Moisturiser contains the equivalent of 5000 liters of spa water and it’s paraben-free!

JY and i with the Biotherm ladies! thank you for inviting us, Michelle! 🙂

and here’s the two products we were given! ^_^

the Biotherm Aquasource Deep Hydration Moisturiser and Celluli Laser Size.Code (!!!!! this is for slimming hohohoho meant to firm up the tummy i so need it!!!) 😀 i’ve already started using both products and i really hope to see good results from them! so far so good 😀 wait for my review after i’ve spent more time with these two awesome products! there are super good freebies for you girls to collect too, more on that in the upcoming review entry! 🙂

imma gonna use the Celluli Lazer Size.Code now. it’s a cream you massage on your tummy area twice daily, and is supposed to help lose the fats and firm up the tummy! wooooo. fabulous. i desperately need it for my 5-months preggers looking tummy.

i risk sounding like a broken tape recorder,

but just for the record one last time, i love my hair!!!!!

right. it’s 4am now and i still have a shitload of things to do. God bless me.

happy Labour day too everyone, enjoy your Monday!!!!

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