i’m back to blog about Biotherm’s latest product that’s just been newly launched in Singapore: the Aquasource Deep Hydration Moisturiser!
as i previously mentioned, JY and i attended the bloggers’ party last week and we were given a super cute goodie bag along with two products, one of which is this moisturiser that’s part of Biotherm’s Aquasource range. there are a few different types available, the one i am using is the one in the green packaging, meant for combination/oily skin. i’ve been using it religiously for the last week and so far, it’s one of my favourite moisturisers yet!

i don’t wanna bore you girls out with too many scientific/medical explanations, but i’m sure we all know that dehydration is the root of many skin issues, and keeping your skin properly hydrated is of utmost importance! Aquasource Deep Hydration Moisturiser does just that, it penetrates through all five layers of the epidermis in order to fully hydrate your skin!

Aquasource contains Thermal Plankton Cellular Water, which contains 4 vitamins, 23 amino-acids, and 9 oligo elements! it sounds amazing doesnt it! this newly revamped Aquasource formulation also contains a brand new ingredient called Mannose, which is a simple sugar derived from tree pulp that delivers hydration and vital protein boosters to all layers of the epidermis!

in simple words, it just means, your skin is very very very happy, because it is very very moisturised with Aquasource.

i love the gel-like texture of the moisturiser because it’s so easy to apply. you know how some cream moisturisers feel too heavy or leaves your skin feeling oily? not Aquasource, it gets absorbed into the skin so quickly it feels barely-there, but at the same time leaving your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated! 😀 😀

i don’t want to jinx myself, but i swear my complexion has been getting better the past week! (was having some pretty bad breakouts the previous month and it was terrible!) so CHOY CHOY touch wood and fingers crossed. no signs of any bad reactions towards the product, and my skin really does feel more plump and supple. just some concealer and abit of loose powder and blush, and i’m all set to leave the house!

the best part is, it’s not too good to be true, because YOU get to try it too!!

Biotherm is giving away cute little sample packs to readers!!! each sample pack comes nicely packaged with three sample products and you even get vouchers for Biotherm products, and CLEO magazine as well as Food For Thought (I loooove their pancakes!!!)

all you need to go is to go down to TANGS Orchard Biotherm counter,
quote my name YINA to receive your free sample pack, from 6-31 May only while stocks last!!!

you’ll get the following in a nice envelope packaging:
• Aquasource Deep Hydration Moisturiser 15ml
• White D-Tox BB Cream 5ml
• Celluli Laser Size.Code 40ml

worth a total of $53!!!


how can i forget about the Celluli Laser Size. Code!!!

SIZE.CODE integrates ADIPOSVELTYL™ Complex, significantly increasing AMPK protein, which retriggers the expression of genes responsible for the lipogenesis and dipolysis. Also, SIZE.CODE contains Yeast Extract which stimulates the collagen production and improves the dermal epidermal junction renewal and cohesion for a firmer skin.

THIS is the other Biotherm product i’m currently using! 😀 😀 😀
LOL. i’m super excited to finish using it and see if it yields any results! it’s a slimming cream designed to target stomach flabs and couldn’t have come at a better time, i’ve been binging like a pig and my tummy looks preggers! -.- all you need to do is to massage this on your tummy/waist area twice daily in the morning and at night, and it will aid you in your quest for a flat stomach! it’s really easy to use, and has a nice fragrance that isn’t too cloying too 😀

apparently, it’s 10 days to a firm stomach, and 1 month to a FLAT stomach!!!!!

i’ve been using it for about 5 days now. please check back with me in 1 month’s time.
HAHAHA. woohoo! can’t wait!

you need to try these awesome products too!!! head down to TANGS Orchard Biotherm counter to get your free samples fast, before the counter runs out of stock!

*EDIT* Biotherm has just informed us that all available samples have been redeemed already! ;(

check out Biotherm Singapore’s Facebook page and “Like” it to be privy to new promotions/contests/product launches! 😀

once again, thank you Biotherm (especially Michelle!) for inviting us to the bloggers’ party and thank you for your generosity! gonna go massage my tummy with Size. Code now so i can go to bed happy. haha 😀 Friday tomorrow!

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