3AM whine

so anyway there are a hundred emails staring back at me from the inbox and it’s seriously traumatic because we’ve all been so so so so so busy today it’s like 24 hours in a day is not enough 🙁

spent the morning finishing up on invoicing, replying some emails, then verified the first batch of payments this morning at 11AM ish, then proceeded to head to office to mail out the last batch from the previous collection and take-away lunch from Macdonalds at the post office, before going back to office at 1PM to address and pack the 1st batch of parcels, which kept me busy all the way til 7PM after which we had to rush to the PO to mail out the parcels in time so the customers can receive their items ASAP.

the three of us (Vera, Mega and myself) took a cab from office to Singpost, and we had to somehow manage with 3 trolleys stacked with 8 bags of parcels, and another 3 huge bags of stocks. then the queue at Singpost was so bloody long…. wanted to die.

Gina was busy with work today and i didn’t call our helper in so i had to manage everything by myself. but i can’t magically verify payments and reply emails while i’m busy packing parcels and putting stamps on them and trying to get them to balance on a trolley 🙁 some customers paid in the afternoon and started to get anxious when they didn’t get verified (i’m verifying them payments now)

i just want to say that i only have one pair of hands and one of me today so i can’t do everything at the same time! please gimme a lil bit of time. gonna verify the payments now, and then clear whatever emails i can. then tomorrow the 2nd batch of parcels will be packed and mailed out.

meanwhile, can i distract you with a song? lol.

one of our friends extracted the audio from our performance the last round and made it into an mp3 🙂 i love the song and i think it’s one of our best performances!

listen to it! 🙂

想YY – 改变

you can download it too in mp3 format if you love it so much you want to hear it on replay on your ipod. just kidding. but the mp3 file is here: http://www.podcastrevolution.com/file/yinagoh/audio/Xiang_YY_-_Gai_Bian.MP3

back to emails. God give me and everyone else strength!

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