zomg i has bangs

finally took some time out to fix a hair appointment with Steph at Salon Vim, my hair has been growing so thick and unmanageable, and the black roots were really ugly! 🙁 my hair just looked very shapeless and my fringe was very heavy and messy especially due to the humid and hot weather lately, really hated it! 🙁


i finally plucked up the courage to cut my fringe into straight bangs again after years,

because every time i tried it previously, it just either looked very weird, or if not i’d look extremely juvenile like a 12 year old -__-

BUT this time round, i’m loving it!!! heehee. glad Steph & Gary persuaded me into the bangs because i love how it looks! i don’t look so mature and boring now, and the new hair color is so gorgeous! <3 i love Salon Vim! now i’m wondering if i should keep the bangs for the next few months and maintain it, or just let it grow out naturally! what do you all think?

isn’t the hair color lovely! i hope it doesnt fade too soon. love love love it!

JY and I because we attended a Biotherm event together right after my hair appointment! more about the event in the next entry!

and because of the dandruff and oily scalp issues i was experiencing, Steph got me these products: Loreal Professional’s medicated shampoo and conditioner along with one of their best selling hair masks! just started using them, hopefully the gross dandruff and oily scalp will be gone in a jiffy! can’t stand how my scalp and hair get so greasy and limp especially in the current humid weather ):

you know how some hair styles only look good when you leave the hair salon, and looks absolutely crap the next day after washing your hair yourself? just to show you all how my hair looked this morning, i didn’t bother to style the ends and just did a quick blow dry but it still looks great!

paired with my geeky spectacles, i hope i look 18 instead of 28 now! knn people always think i same age as YZ :(((

once again, THANK YOU Steph and thank you Salon Vim for being my hair savior! ♥♥♥

i love you all very muchly. even though John couldn’t stop smirking after seeing my new hair style.

i highly recommend Salon Vim really, every time i’ve been there, they’ve always done a fantastic job with my hair! sigh i feel so spoilt by them, i know my hair will never get used to the regular neighbourhood salon cut again (HAHAHA ok i exaggerate) if you’d like to book an appointment with Salon Vim, remember to quote my name YINA, and you get a 10% discount off all hair services 🙂


313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09




“Like” their Facebook page too because they hold promotions and contests regularly on FB and you don’t wanna miss them! 🙂

i look incapable of swearing or cursing or anything vile in general. i feel like i had a personality transplant instead of a haircut with this cutesy fringe! LOL. but i likeee 😀 😀 😀 maybe people will stop flaming me now that i look so harmless :S just kidding.

and it’s yet another long weekend ahead!!!! not that it makes any difference to me. need to go to the office on Sunday and Monday to work work work! i’m a workaholic! but that’s only because i love my work! hopefully the rest of you all lovely people have a restful weekend. especially as most should have received the extra moolah $_$ shopping time! go down to FirstDay at Plaza Singapura if you’re free because we stocked in lots of awesome items this week, including some self-manufactured pieces that’s yet to be launched online and other shop exclusive items! ♥

oh also, i’ve uploaded the entire episode 8 of K歌2击队 so you can watch it on YouTube! link to Part 1 below! this is the epic episode that i cried on. my mascara ran somemore. super unglam.

off to beddy, long choir rehearsal tomorrow!

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