想YY on Y.E.S 9.33FM!

想YY made its debut radio appearance last night, on Y.E.S 9.33FM!

if you follow my twitter, or facebook, you might have caught my tweets/statuses about our airtime, which was Friday night 9-9.30PM! us, together with Erick & Bernard of 小老板 spent some time together with Ivy 艾薇 and chatted a little about ourselves and about K歌2击队 😀 there was also a segment of live music and we sang a short duet with the help of Erick’s accompaniment! it was rather unrehearsed so i felt it wasn’t very good on my part, but what’s more important is that we enjoyed ourselves tremendously 🙂

it’s not my first time on live radio, but it’s been some time already! anyway, i always hate hearing the sound of myself talking so i actually quite abhor the idea of going on radio 🙁 i hate hearing my lisp because it’s so obvious! sucks to be me. God gave me a love for singing and a speech disability to go along with it. but regardless of my own personal dislike of my voice, it was still a FUN experience! :DDD Ivy the DJ is really chatty and cute, and 小老板 sang a wonderful song!

so, picture spam time!
side tangent: new DSLR that sissy and i are sharing, so this is my first time bringing it out! still not adept at using it -.-

my boy & i!

say hello to Bernard & Erick, they’re two very talented fabulous singers & musicians! extremely nice as well! 🙂

while waiting for our airtime to begin..

that’s Peifen & Ivy of Y.E.S.9.33!

self-shot! 😛

Erick brought his portable keyboard along for the live segment! he’s really amazing with it.

Ivy’s extremely cute 😀

YZ. his face very sharp now hor?

the session was over in no time at all, minus-ing off some commercial breaks and songs. haha! it felt like it only lasted 10 minutes! actually i do think it’s fun to be on radio. i just dislike my own voice and sound! boohoo. never mind.

小老板 & 想YY!!

these two guys are really super duper helpful. ever since our first episode together, they’ve been extremely nice and friendly!
major respeck for their musical talents as well.

they’re very funny and humorous too! lol.

took a picture together with Ivy too! thank you for hosting us on your show!

小老板 with Ivy!

想YY again ^-^V


also, thank you Evonne for helping us to record the episode down! 😀
have listened to bits of it already. but i don’t think i want to post it here because i really don’t like how i sound when i talk. you know how it’s different when you hear yourself on a recording and when you talk in person. i’m still able to accept how i sound like to my own ears in person, but not how i sound like on a recording which is silly, because that’s how everyone else hears you as 🙁 i really think i ought to see a speech pathologist. but it’s like i’ve spent 23 years of my life like this already, and still managed to get along. sigh! :(((

last outfit picture.
it feels like Sunday today already but it isn’t and i have rehearsal later in the afternoon!
randomly, i’ve been binge eating like crazy the past two weeks and i realllyyyy need to stop. my tummy looks about 5 months preggy. soup diet to the rescue.

going to crash now! have an awesome Easter weekend, y’all!

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