i feel like dying because my internet is down and i’m using the extremely slow and inconvenient iphone internet tethering to stay online! :((( was unable to reply emails thus, wanted to launch tonight but i think 算了, 没办法! 🙁 because i need to clear the 29511942 emails first! 🙁 *spam sad smiley faces*

so. just to keep the bored readers entertained (i’m assuming there are actually still some readers left and they havent all migrated else where ;(… here’s the song we performed live on radio last week, 珊瑚海 by jay chou & lara.

i need to do so many things, i don’t know where to start!


oh and GUESS WHAT! the results for Face of Salon Vim 2011 is out!!!!

AND MY DARLING MODEL CLARA WON!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO SO HAPPY FOR HER!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 YAYY!!!!! next time she will have even more chio and gorgeous hair! my other friend Evonne was one of the 3 finalists too! too bad they didnt have more than one winner! :((

(yes, that’s the Lace Insert Tunic in a new color. hehe)

woohoo!!!! congratulations!!!!

i love her write-up btw, definitely +++ points for effort!

Name: Clara
Age: 22+
Occupation: Undergraduate
Style: Comfort Casual and Playful
Reason for participating: We’ve all done it. We change our hairstyles for many reasons- out of boredom, as a confident booster, keeping up with fashion trends or for some, after a heart-wrenching breakup. So, why did I sign up for this? Been naturally endowed with heavy, thick, frizzy and stiff locks, my attempts in getting them dyed, straightened and curled at various salons over the years did not pay off. This entire process is not only costly and unproductive (note: I hate wasting money), but it has resulted in damaged and dry hair. Salon Vim came into the picture through my blogger friend’s recommendation and I became even more intrigued after browsing through pictures of remarkable makeovers, gorgeous hairstyles and healthy hair textures spotted by their customers. With this, I have decided to let my adventurous side take the lead and I trust that I will be in good hands. =)

watch the results video here! and you can look at all the contest submissions on Salon Vim’s facebook page too!

speaking of which, i really need to go for a haircut! 🙁

wanted to go today hai. see how see how.

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