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preview for Series 55!
the highly awaited manufactured skirt is finally here! 😀 been getting many questions about it on formspring and all, glad to finally be launching it in tomorrow’s collection! :)))

say hello to the Cabriole Tulip Skirt in 4 colors, Classic Black, Almond Khaki, Duke Blue & Olive Green! also comes in three sizes S, M & L 🙂 i take a size M, measurements are pretty similar to our previous manufactured bottoms 🙂 it also has elastic bands at the sides, so there’s abit of stretch and allowance!

spot the Geometric Printed Romper as well in the preview, this is the romper that i wore in an earlier entry! it’s super comfy and i heart it! there’s also a simple but very easy-to-wear bohemian tie-sash shirtdress in Nude & Black!

lastly, the Lace Insert Embroidery Tunic is being launched in two new colors! 🙂 i’ve already shown the Kelly Green piece in the post below, the other color is Persian Blue! am totally loving these 2 new colors! 😀 probably not backordering this piece anymore so don’t miss it kay 🙂

all these to be launched in tomorrow night’s collection!

can’t wait :))) there are many more gorgeous apparel in store for y’all! hohohoho. i love clothes hehehe. spreading the love!

launch will be at 8.30PM Thursday night! 🙂


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