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it’s a WE LOVE BASICS collection! 😀 😀 😀

featuring an awesome self-manfactured Relaxed Button-Down Blouse, i fell in love with this top while shopping in Korea and bought it back to manufacture :X what i really like are the tiny little details, like the faux collar tips on the mandarin collar, the nice pleats that fall from the top of the shoulders, and the cuff sleeves 🙂

available on TVD in 4 colors: White, Nude, Teal & Black! super good basic colors and oh-so-easy-to-wear! (ps. only the top 3 buttons are functional! lol the rest are non-functional. i’d go crazy if i need to button so many buttons just to wear a top!)

keeping nude for myself 😀 since i have the original piece in white already!

a few other basic tops and a topshop inspired layered bodycon dress as well as this uber chic studded suede blazer will be up as well! here’s a few more preview pictures! :))

exposed shoulders top in cream & navy! 🙂

and an adoraaable swallow printed over-sized tank!

MNG-inspired jeggings in Black and Blue are also restocked so you can get them from tomorrow’s collection as well as the Basic Petticoats in White, Black and Grey 🙂

launch time will be Sunday, 9PM 🙂



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