想YY’s journey in K歌2击队 has finally come to an end!
it’s been a fun time that’s passed by in a flash, and the weird thing is the TV broadcast is so slow it’s not even halfway through the competition lol i feel like we’re trapped in a time warp on air! (speaking of which, our next episode which is the quarter finals will be broadcast next Tuesday!)

anyways.. we didn’t do very well for the finals 🙁
but the one thing that will always have a very dear place in my heart are the lovely supporters who’s been rooting for us from start to end, regardless of how shitty we performed or not hehehe because they’re friends and family who love us! 🙂 🙂 🙂 i must have said this a thousand times, but we’re so blessed with such awesome people around us. THANK YOU ALL. i don’t feel so much upset for myself than for letting down everyone who took time and effort to come all the way down to stay through a recording that only ended at 2AM, i’m so sorry we didn’t do better 🙁 🙁 🙁

and to my dearest partner who’s been putting in so much effort from the start to the end of the entire show, we entered this thing with no inkling of how far we could get, but i think it’s been a wonderful time for both of us, and to get so far as well as to garner recognition and encouragement from respected musicians as well as our own family and friends, i think we really don’t have anything to lament about 🙂 i’m not sure if it’s brought us closer or not hehe but there’s definitely been emotions running high and low during this period, lol. but we somehow managed to pull through without killing each other during the more difficult times 😀 as well as shared lots of happy moments together! thank you baby 🙂

also having made friends with all the other contestants, it was a great journey to have shared together, and i’ll definitely miss everyone! especially the finalists and all those crappy dance rehearsals we had. can’t wait for that episode to air because i think it’s really very funny 😀 😀 hahaha. as well as the other groups who are always so very encouraging and friendly! 🙂 i think all of you are amazing singers with so much potential and talent, regardless of whoever made it far (or not). time for us to zham our Partyworld vouchers! 😀

i feel like i’m giving some thank you speech. but also honestly sincerely feel very much indebted to so many people during this show, including my Laoshi, the production crew, the hosts Yi Feng-jie, Li Teng & Wenhai, our very talented friend who accompanied for us on the piano, respected judges and so many more! i’m so thankful for this experience, really 🙂 we will still continue to sing regardless because i really do love singing and music alot 🙂

haven’t edited any of the pictures that i have on my camera and didn’t really take all that many anyway, i’d just upload a few i snitched off FB (thank you woon!) and some from my iphone 🙂

K歌2击队; 谁让你心醉!

yeaaaaaaaa i love my retro outfit! plus, the outfits were all Topshop sponsored. what’s not to love.

full afternoon rehearsals, just for that few minutes on stage..

ehehehe the end of our “dance” segment. SO funny.

YZ & I 🙂
did you know, YZ lost like 10KG from the start of the competition til now!!! i’m very happy for him! i didn’t lose much weight though. pfft!!!

from a very sweet supporter 🙂 thank you Evonne! 🙂


so now my life is back to emails and parcels and photoshop 🙁

not complaining, but there are SO SO SO many emails waiting for a reply that i’m feeling pretty stressed out. we just spent yesterday and today packing two batches of backorders and carting them off to singpost, as well as running about for photoshoots for upcoming collections, and trying to settle the new office. new stocks have been arriving non-stop which is both awesome and stressful because we now have a brand new low in the account books and an amazing amount of stocks piled up at our suppliers’ waiting to be launched! D: D: D: not to mention that LJ is currently a dysfunctional bitch and i’m not sure what we’re gonna do for the next launch 🙁

will get to the emails first.
i’m so so so so so so so sorryyyyyyyy if you havent received a reply since last week. still trying very hard to clear the backlog of emails! we will definitely try to get the inbox cleared by Thursday. JIAYOU JIAYOU!

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