next recording

for K歌2击队 Power Duet is on Wednesday, 16th March!

it’s the semi-finals and there’ll be 8 teams competing for the 4 spots in the finals.

gonna be an exciting show for sure cos all 8 teams are really strong!

the recording will start at 4.30PM and break for dinner, then resume again at 8PM.

anyone interested in coming down to support, please do drop me an email! you don’t have to come at 4.30PM, any time is okay! 🙂

guess this will be like the last chance you have to support 想YY if we don’t get through to the finals. wahahaha. so pessimistic! ;( must remember to take more pictures on Weds just in case. oh, i also created a 想YY fanpage on Facebook wahahaha. you can “Like” the page by clicking on the sidebar to show your support! ^_____^

anyway am clearing all the emails and backorder stuff for TVD so we didnt launch this week, plus Gina is away in Bali! chic porter shorts backorders are finally arriving too after a terribly long wait. they’ll be mailed out on Mon/Tues! lotsa things to do this weekend cos my dear cousin Nelly is finally getting married on Sunday and my sisters and i are all gonna be her jie meis woohoo. havent planned all the “games” for gate crashing too!! zzzzzz. i’ve found my dress for the wedding dinner already anyhow. hehehehe it’s a new TVD label dress that has finally arrived after months and months -_- the most expensive dress we’ve ever made but it’s worth every cent!

enough of rambling on.

gonna go and 练歌 already!


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