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too busy (and also lazy) to properly update,

been busily running to and fro from one thing to the next, SYCes just had a fab concert last Saturday and all the preparations (5 days of rehearsals almost consecutively) and two concert sessions = very tiring. but it was a really fun concert especially with Steve (our guest conductor/pianist) along with Tamagoh and Tony Makarome 🙂 i did my first (possibly last) soprano solo and it was scary. bahhh. nevermind. onwards and ahead 🙂

the concert(s) were held at the Recital Studio at Esplanade, it’s my favourite concert space because the acoustics are great and the space is very cozy and nice 🙂

The Great Tamagoh on the drums. he is the amazing.

concert uniform no.2 together with red red lipstick.

congas and all sorts of percussion. hooola halo 🙂

and Stevie D the man with the magic fingers.

so now concert is over, next up is our tour to Poland! yesss! i’m going to Poland together with the SYCes in May! 🙂
can’t believe i havent even finished uploading/editing the Italy pictures and we’re flying off yet again. sadly two of my favourite girls are not going!! :((( boohoo. it wont be the same without you two.

and next week will be the last very last recording for K歌2击队, it’s gonna be the grand finals and the last 2 episodes, on the 6th and 7th, there will be a total of 2 episodes and 4 rounds to fight for the championship spot! the prizes better be good. soso tired from all the running to MDC for meetings, dry runs, recordings and etc. though it’s a one in a life time experience, but right now i just hope we can 轰轰烈烈 for the last lap to end it off with a nice big bang! 😀

running off for TVD shoot later and cannot wait 🙂 woohoo hope it will be a good shoot!
really excited because there are many plans for TVD in the works, and one of them is a proper honest to goodness office space! 😀 😀 😀 instead of leaving the stocks cluttered at home/at the suppliers, we’re finally getting an office space for ourselves so that all the stocks can be neatly arranged and we can work from the office! YAYYYY!!!!!!!!! :))))

yes, life is good 🙂

am recovering from my little bout of sick yesterday too and feeling muuuch better today too!



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