K歌2击队 semi finals

as i mentioned,

the semi finals of K歌2击队 Power Duet was held last Wednesday, at Mediacorp!

we spent the entire Tuesday rehearsing and doing sound checks and run throughs to prepare for the long recording session on Wednesday because all 8 teams were to compete together in 2 rounds, which meant 2 episodes of recording back to back. it was really tiring! 🙁

so.. YES we got through to the finalssssss!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

but to be honest, it was our shittest performance yet :((( due to a combination of nerves and stress i guess, i don’t anticipate those 2 episodes airing cos we weren’t at our best at all. but we didnt make any major mistakes and managed to get through to the finals which is really exciting! hope we’ll be able to pick ourselves up from the poor performance and do better for the finals. it’ll be held in 2 weeks time, on the 2nd April, and we’ll need all the supporters we can get!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

a couple of blog readers were really sweet and came down to watch us for the quarter finals and semi finals too, thank you so much for being so supportive!! ^____^ from the bottom of my heart, i really appreciate it!! please introduce yourselves to me next time okay because i had no idea who you were! 🙁

pictures from “back stage” and rehearsal day 🙂

studio 1 where the show has been recorded so far. the finals will be recorded in the big theatre which will sit many many more people!

YZ & I

some of the other contestants waiting around during rehearsal! whole day rehearsals are tiring.

Elaine from 上璇乐!

the 大字报 for 爱情的沙漠! bwahaha. it’s the intro song for the semi-finals episode 😀

the make-up artist doing my awesome make-up! been having terrible breakouts all over my face hai.

the hair and white dress makes me look damn 小龙女-ish.

YZ with Ben from 黑白配!

while waiting for our turn. we were the 6th grp out of 8 to sing for round 1, and the last grp out of 7 to sing for round 2.. by the time we got to round 2, i totally wanted to die already 🙁 so so so tired. sigh.

hosts Li Teng & Wen Hai

some of our AWESOME supporters!!!!!! 😀

thank you for coming down!!!

all 8 teams on stage.

Min! XYY’s #1 supporter. we love you!

getting our results announced for round 1

lovely blog readers, plus Fel and Debs who came down to support too! dearest CJM also got come down. hehehe love you girls! 🙂

support XYY!

all our banners/posters are all lovingly handmade. super effort and i love all my friends 😀

Edwin with a XYY hat! bhwahahaha.


YZ & I in our round 1 outfit. the dress is really lovely. hehe it’s a collaboration with Megagamie 😀 i love YZ’s denim shirt too, it’s from Topshop!

with YZ’s mummy and sissy who are super supportive as well!! 😀 😀

Felky who thoroughly enjoyed herself at the recording. bwahaha

with Minpoh!!! 😀 thank you for EVERYTHING. and of course Collin who isnt in any of the pictures because he was being the very fabulous photographer

YD left abit earlier but we managed to take a picture with SM!! 😀 😀 😀 these 2 busy girls took time out from work to come show their support too!

took a picture with Li Teng as well! didn’t manage to take a picture with the other 2 hosts, Wen Hai and Yi Feng-jie. finals must take liao, last chance!!

YZ & Glynise with Qiyu Laoshi and Feihui Laoshi. i just realised i didnt take any picture with Qiyu Laoshi. SAD!

YZ & I with Feihui Laoshi 🙂

another picture with YZ’s family 😀 oh i just realised i didnt take a picture with Gina alone. she’s been coming to support for the last 2 rounds! thanks sissy!

with Jiaming Laoshi!

here’s a very funny candid of YZ. “谢谢大家的支持!!!” like 明星 like that hahaha

and of us both! lol

backstage photo! congratulations to the other 3 teams that got in!! i won’t divulge who yet so that it’s more interesting for those following the show on TV. haha! honestly, everyone did really well that day and it was a pretty tough fight among the 8 teams. i really think all the teams were all equally strong in their own ways. winning doesnt mean you’re the best. that’s for sure..

Nancy took this on her iphone 😀

and Min took this picture on her iphone!

fun ness.

time to 加油 for the last and final round, and it’ll all be over!!! four teams will compete for the 2 top spots in round 1 & 2, while the remaining 2 teams will fight for 1st place in the last round. no regrets regardless win/lose. thank you everyone for all the support and well wishes thus far! it’s really been an unforgettable experience haha. we’re so blessed to have so many supportive family and friends around us! :)))))

i must say that this competition thingy has been consuming alot of my time and energy though 🙁 i feel so bad that i’ve been slacking off TVD! haiiii. must buck up. we’ve actually got a new helper now (who also happens to be my good friend) so she’s a great help. wouldn’t be able to get through all the daily ops without her! and thank goodness for very accommodating and lovely customers as well.

oh oh oh and the first episode of K歌2击队 with us in it will be broadcasted on Channel 8 this coming Tuesday, 22 March at 8PM! remember to watch K歌2击队!!!! i won’t even get to watch it myself. who wants to record it for me???

oh apparently the show isn’t on xinmsn due to copyright issues or something, but someone uploaded an episode on youtube! no idea if the episode with us will be uploaded not 🙁 but you can watch the 第一初赛 episode below! haha.

happy watching!

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