so the first episode of 想YY on K歌2击队 aired yesterday :S

first things first, if YZ is 27, then i should be 23! oernfgaoldegfnakewfnaw. but they put my age as 24, damn i feel OLD.

other than that, i think it’s one of the episodes (of us) with the best comments from the judges so far, haha! so it’s not too bad as compared to another episode which i dread to see aired on TV. erm it still feels strange to see myself on TV. and of course we all look fatter and bigger which is bad. thank goodness i didnt wear anything sleeveless….. -_-

*picture credit to debs! hehe*

lots of friends and family members told me they tuned in to Channel 8 to catch our broadcast so i’m really happy! ^_^
thank you for the tremendous support woohoo you all rock and we are simply very very lucky and blessed to be surrounded by supportive family & friends. even my daddy called from Indonesia to ask about the broadcast, he’s so silly he forgot it’s pre-recorded and asked “did they get in?” bwahaha!

woon managed to get her dad to help us record it too, (THANK YOU BABE) so i’m nice and uploaded the entire episode on youtube! it’s actually really troublesome to convert videos and upload them -_-

ps. re-uploaded part 5!

am going out to buy my first ever keyboard now. WOOHOO very very excitessss!!!!!!!!!
😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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