K歌2击队 quarter finals

can’t believe we made it through yet another gruelling round!!! 想YY is now in the semi-finals of K歌2击队 Power Duet!! it was extremely stressful because only 2 teams out of 4 got through while the other 2 teams will need to compete against other eliminated teams almost immediately to fight for the last 2 spots in the semi finals.

damn tiring.

but but but this has really been an incredible experience so far. and having the support of sooo many loving friends and family really makes us feel damn loved!!! SIGH. why do i have such nice people around me!!! i must have done something good in my past life. full of nothing but gratitude and appreciation T.T

anyways, it was really a tough fight this time round, because all the other 3 teams were all really really good!! you’ll find out when you watch the broadcast on Channel 8. i don’t dare to watch leh! so scary zzz. there were really very nerve wracking moments when the four teams were standing on stage waiting to receive our results. so so glad we managed to pull through! we nearly thought we were goners at some point in time!!! sighhhhhh. but i am soooo extremely happy with how the 2nd round turned out 🙂 the best recognition a singer can get is to touch the heart of the listener.

us in mediacorp’s make-up unit.. they really did a fabulous job!! the make-up artist was super mad awesome that day omg he made me look damn chio!!!! D:

YZ looking smart!

my hair was gorgeous too, very nice soft curls that the hair stylist did for me! i’m gonna perm my hair like that once it gets a lil longer!

waiting for final results on stage ><

family members who came down to show their support! love love. hehehe all the crew and hosts couldn’t stop exclaiming on how much YZ’s gor gor looks like him!!!! and check out that awesome signboard with our faces. LOL i couldn’t stop laughing when i saw it!!! it’s soooo cuteeeeeee!!! thank you Min & Collin. *hearts*

Matt & Ser who took time off their busy schedule to come support and even gave us a lovely little bouquet of flowersss. thank you dears!!! damn appreciate.

XYY supporters!!!!! i love the variety of banners and sighboards. and they’re all HANDMADE!!! haiii. damn support and effort. muackssss.

Mega & Vera came too! thank youuuuu darlings!!

the XYY crowd, we also had bloggers from Nuffnang G-plus who came specially to support us for the show recording!!! thank you sooo much! especially HongPeng who arrived at ungodly early time of 6PM when the recording ended up only starting at 8… i feel really bad!! 🙁 thank you all for staying til the end!!

Gina & Mumsy! Mummy got her 3 seconds of fame on TV too bwahaha!!!! it’s quite hilarious hee.

HAHAHA OMG that hat cracks me up to the max!!! thank you Jackson, you’re always so super accommodating and whacky it’s damn awesome!!! thank you so much 🙂

thank you everyone for the support and attendance! i love y’all!!

the LL gang, Vera & Mega, Ser & Matt, Eils baby & MDK, Edwin & Jesper, Gina & friends, YZ’s family, FM peeps, Nuffnangers and everyone else!!!!!!!

it’s just another 2 more rounds to the end of this competition if we make it to the finals, and the preparation time is getting shorter and shorter too! it’s quite stressful actually because for that few minutes on stage, it’s a whole lot of effort and hard work and time off stage sigh. but make just one tiny little mistake and you won’t get a next chance.

ending off with a shot of the 2nd song we sang. sneakily shot on the iphone! heh.

special thanks goes to William who did such a fantastic job accompanying on the keyboard, and the lighting crew spent ages to get the lights perfect! and.. it was really, really, really good. SIGH.

if i get another performance again like this in my lifetime, i think i’d die happy.

anyway, K歌2击队 Power Duet is on again tonight! Tuesday 8PM 🙂 still don’t have me, but the contestant episodes will start airing already! 🙂

we have about a week before the next round, and a whole lot of stressful preparation ahead. the other contestants are all so talented really. made many new friends, and every performance is an eye-opener and learning experience for us! can’t believe how we just joined this competition “for fun” and how much we’ve learned and had to work really hard at for it.

想YY jiayoujiayoujiayou!!!! 🙂

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