say hello to the new chicken mcgrill

imma huge huge macdonalds fan.
favourite order: McWings (all wings!!!) meal with green tea. upsize please!

remember to ask for mayonnaise and garlic chilli. HEAVEN!!!

i’m supposed to be on a diet though 🙁

but how could i resist an invite to a food tasting session at McDonalds!!!

McDonald’s had a special dinner event last week, and 老娘 was invited! woohoo!
i love McDonald’s. thank you for inviting me!

outfit: TVD knit ruffle cardi in mustard, H&M-inspired flare skirt in black & floral corset scrapbook top in lavender

i was still deciding if i should just go dressed casually (after all it’s McDonald’s, not fine dining, right?) but fortunately i wasn’t dressed too shabbily because we were pleasantly surprised with very nicely set tables and ambience.. cutlery and table cloth included!


even got a special menu for the night!

and here in words, is the main attraction of the event: McDonald’s soon to be launched Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill Burger!

ingredients: Bakery-style sourdough bread, Grilled chicken thigh, Whole-leaf lettuce, Blushing-red tomato slices, Chargrill sauce.

anyway, i’m not going to go into too much detail but it was damn delicious!
soft yummy sourdough bread that complemented the superbly marinated grilled chicken thigh. the burger is huge too!!!

lovely host of the night!

ran into Bea at the event too! we ended up sitting next to each other. didn’t really know the other bloggers who attended the event very well, but made some new friends! 🙂

appetizer! a quiche made of fillet-o-fish cubes! interesting, but nothing to shout about.

garden salad with low-fat thousand island dressing, this will be introduced to McDonald’s menu as well! pretty basic salad but good enough for when you have salad cravings 🙂

this was waaay too cute! the special chef for the night, Chef Irene Jansen with her crew of singing waiters/waitresses!
a special jingle was actually composed for the new burger. it was so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

yay burger is here!

all the staff starting dancing too so fun! 😀

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my burger! NOMS.

other bloggers at my table tucking into their meal! no more acting demure with cutlery liao, it’s the old-fashioned fingers and hands for this burger!

even had fries served nicely in a little porcelain cup! best McDonald’s dining experience, ever.

absolutely yummy apple yogurt trifle dessert made of soft serve vanilla ice cream, strawberry yogurt, apple cubes and sourdough croutons! it was really shiok!

we even had real roses on the table BTW. talk about classy hehehe

& the staff performed the jingle and dance again! they are soooooooo cute. really. check out all the wide grins! we really enjoyed really fabulous service from the staff that night.

our table! from left to right, Camemberu, TheHungryCow, LadyIronChef, the lady host, Keropokman, Beatrice & myself.

this looks like a family portrait lor. HAHAHA. ok next.

damn 默契 in this picture!

last but not least… McDonald’s presented us all with a goodie bag each!!! omg. hehehehe

the entire set of collectible miniature keychains! AWWW. sibei cute x 100000.


and because i’m so nice, someone shared this coupon with me and i thought i’d share it with all of you. it’s only valid for tomorrow, 1st MARCH!!!!

1-for-1 ANYTHING for McDonald’s tomorrow!! only ala carte items i think. BUT STILL.
i can now feast on McWings liao omg. woohooo! good news is that the Chicken McGrill will also be released on the 1 March too SO GO AND TRY IT!

randomly, i love my new hair color.

i asked Steph if i could go with a lighter hair color and she did this really chio shade for me! will blog more pictures soon 😀

btw, the channel 8 programme Power Duet K歌2击队 starts airing tomorrow at 8PM so catch it okay!!! don’t have me la. it’s gonna be a special 艺人 edition so i think it’d be really funny! next recording for us is this Sunday and i havent even decided on my outfit FML. song practice very chui also *dies*

想YY JIAYOU!!!!!!!

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