the first TV recording for my show is this coming Tues,

15th Feb, 7.30PM at Mediacorp.

i have 40 tickets for the show!!!!


any friends and readers who would love to come and support us (because i know you love me. or maybe you love YZ’s singing. or something.) for our 1st round, which is the 4th episode to be aired on TV, we’ll be singing 最爱的人伤我最深 and 冲动.



i will love you many many. bring your dog, your mother father, boyfriend, pet goldfish.

we really need all the support we can get! T.T even better if you have time to make a cute little poster/banner for us too.

i guess it’s about time i reveal our group name.


it is..


CUTE OR NOT. COME ON TELL ME IT’S CUTE. and easy to remember too.

the double Y stands for Yina and YZ! and 想YY so that you all will think of us. HAHA and cos it’s a cute pun!


come and support us.

we will do acrobatics for you.

sincerely sincerely calling out for peeps who are interested to come and watch the show!

it is hosted by Quan Yi Feng, so i think it should be pretty interesting! there are 3 (?) judges too who should be familiar faces to those who keep up with such programmes.

the tickets will be passed to you on the day of the recording itself when you arrive at mediacorp, so all you need to do is to drop me an email with your mobile no so that i’d be able to find you to pass you the ticket when you arrive for the show!


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