baaahhh it’s 430am and i just cleared *most* of the emails (left 10 emails. boohoohoo)
and i figured i better put up the preview for next launch first if not im gonna need to mad rush tomorrow instead!

this is probably the last launch before we take a 2.5 week hiatus cos Gina and I will be far far away in Korealand come the 3rd of Feb! and i dont wanna have customers trying to contact us in vain for those 6 days we’re away, so an early launch will allow us to clear all outstanding transactions before we have to pack up and fly! can’t wait can’t wait!

dont worry cos we’ll be back real soon with many many many more pretty manufactured itemsssss. mwahahaha. i LOVE the post cny designs. they’re all gorgeous and wearable casual tops/blouses and etc! wo hen xi huan!

but back to this collection first,
finally launching this mad pretty corset top that i first wore quite a few months back in this blog post! (psst. you’d be happy to know the skirt is also currently in the midst of manufacturing and will come in 4 awesome basic colors too :D)

the corset top comes in 2 sizes S and M (S fits big UK6 to UK8 best and M fits big UK8-10) and four colors, White with black details, Pink with black details, Rose with cream details and Lavender with cream details!

by the way, the designs on it are not prints! they are pieces of cut out fabric painstakingly sewn onto the top, and has that nice embossed feel to it 😀 it’s an F21 inspired top and the workmanship is as good (better actually!) as the original piece!!

there’s also gonna be very very chio color exclusive topshop-inspired jewel dress, the original is retailing at 89.90 omg (information courtesy of Joyce, topshop directory hahaha) and the workmanship and detailing on it is superbbbb!

comes with a sash in matching fabric/color. but i forgot to shoot it with the sash. *face palm*
it’s sooo pretty right! 🙂 i wore it out last week already, can’t help but to keep a piece teehee.

both items in this launch are rather pricey though 🙁 which can’t be helped due to the intricate handcrafted workmanship! 🙁 but i believe that good quality apparel is worth the money, and you would be paying so much more for these pieces at retail shops/brick&mortar shops! so they’re worth it 🙂 plus backorders are not guaranteed for these 2 pieces as well.

keep an eye out for the launch on TVD, tomorrow at 8.30PM!

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