been waiting a damn long time to launch this mad awesome pair of shorts,
it’s made of an expensive new fabric sourced by our supplier, and it feels a little bit like suede and extremely thick and stretchy! can’t stop raving about this material 😛

by the way, this is our first manufactured shorts!!! it’s a piece inspired from H&M (again), but we did quite alot of modifications to improve the design and cutting!
all our friends kept at least a piece for themselves too! i love all four colors and really can’t choose. haha.
comes in 3 sizes, S M & L (i wear a size M and model is wearing size S)

S: fits UK6-small 8 (model’s size!)

M: fits UK8-10 (JY and i both took a size M)

L: fits big UK10 – 12 (i can wear size L too but it’ll be baggier, prefer the fit of size M on me!)

it’s so awesome and versatile that alot of the other blogshop girls kept a pair for themselves too! HAHA! and JY ran over to my place to get a pair in red too!! she tweeted a picture here so those interested in the red color (CNY!!!) can check it out! teehee 😀

Vera also sent me a picture of her model wearing the shorts in Chestnut paired with their upcoming sequin top, damn nice! must show everyone cos the shorts are so chio. lolol.

we’ve decided to add in a skinny belt retailing at $7 with the shorts too, and i really love the combination! so yeap. it’s not a cheapo pair of shorts at all, and it’s gonna be on the pricey end but we assure you that the material/workmanship/cutting is really very very good! 😀

not sure about backorders yet because factories are closing in a weeks time ):
guess if backorders are possible, it will still take 6-8 weeks at best! so if you like it, do try to grab in-stocks 🙂

most probably launching Sunday night, 9PM together with some other casual tops 🙂

gonna go send out mailers now!

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