pudding app is awesome

omg it’s 5am and i just got home! D:

the perks of being self-employed.

suppers are totally bad though, especially when i cannot resist eating/drinking such fattening stuff!
i wonder if a 2 week detox/diet will help at all ): it’s only less than 3 weeks to CNY omg!

and speaking of CNY,
i’ve got a dress review here that’s definitely gonna be one of your first picks for CNY!
the Luxe Embossed Hampton Dress by Challures!

i chose the piece in Magenta, and i think it’s picture perfect for CNY, especially the color and subtle floral embossed prints on the fabric!

it has a flattering babydoll cut too 😀

and a close up of the lovely fabric used!
this piece comes in three colors, Nude, Pink & Magenta and will be launched on Challures at 8PM Tuesday, which is tonight!

do check out the launch tonight! 😀

been having much fun with the iphone apps though i’m still not used to using the camera apps and all ):
but it’s handy for picture snapping when you’re too lazy to bring out the camera!

ending off with random iphone pictures. hahaha.
oooh love the apps. so many cool color filters and stuff! they should make them for the PC.

random OTD!

me with one of our lurvely models! hehehe i love my models very much *hearts*

quad camera action! ahahaha

random happy rainbow carebear

good hair day!

me and the small sister. makeupless omg my terrible eye circles and eyebags!

we definitely have the same eye bags D:

fisheye mode lol! spastic.

yz too :S

very yummy dessert from Chomps! some strawberry mango ice thingy. yum yum.

Gina and myself

we were at a ge tai CNY dinner…

bought a dress from DAISO for QQ for only $2! lolzzzz. she looks damn cute in it! and we bought 2 sizes because we were worried that the smallest size wouldnt fit her, but QQ is really very skinny underneath all the fur and she could fit into the smallest size!! D: D: SO CUTE.

being her usual shaggy self. haha!


off to bed! all the parcels for S42 are being mailed out tomorrow! so excited for them to reach customers fasterly because i really hope the customers will like the shorts as much as we do! backorders are up too and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the factories/freighting services will be able to get the stocks over before CNY!!!! omgggggg. gancheongxxxx.

good night!!!!!

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