Coliseum, Roma, Italy

can be so funny sometimes.

happy to say,

i’ve persevered through the emails and have managed to clear most of them.

but i’m taking a break now because there’s about 20 refunds to do for a cancelled backorder (damn you stupid supplier!!!!!) and i think i need a break before i get started on that.

and also the other backorder thats arriving tomorrow and i’ve yet to address the envelopes to get battle ready for the stocks tomorrow.

also, the new collection that’s just launched, leaving about 2 pages of emails to verify/reply.

not to mention planning for the consecutive launches leading up to CNY, because there’s only about two weeks to go, and about 14254 more designs to be launched, (ok, exaggerating. just about 3 more designs to go 😀 arent you glad!)

AND, stocking-in for the new space on Monday, which is yet another bit of a worry for me. (guess the other girls would know what i’m talking about. but don’t wish to elaborate on it yet)

to be honest i’ve been feeling rather panicky and stressed as of late because everything seems to ne piling up and my mind is always a constant whir of to-dos and undone things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

driving me abit crazy i swear. which is also why i havent opened my personal inbox in about 10 million years because looking at emails is almost a phobia already. i’m so sorry, i think i’ll probably get around to the personal emails over the weekend, or next week.


not that i’m complaining: never thought that i could be kept this busy and occupied, and happy and fulfilled, all at the same time.

still, i can’t wait for CNY, and i can’t wait for a break.

and i’m STILL not done with the rest of the Italy pictures.


one thing though.

love my boyfriend, and my friends 😀

and every single nice person around me.

if you’re one of them, thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

i know i am blessed.

i wish i could be a better friend ):

this year,

i strive to be less (fat)

more (giving)

and the same (blessings upon me)



my psycho parents had some fight last night and i don’t know what it was over but my crazy lao pei cut the phone cable and now all the other phones in the house are squeaking in sympathy, intermittently. like once every 2 seconds.

so mad annoying.


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