i’m up SUPER early at 6am. ok it’s rare when you sleep at 1am ok.
i fell right asleep after i got home after i spent the entire day doing stock inventory and stocking-in, and packing parcels.
can you believe it, i started the parcel packing at 3PM and ending at almost 10PM???

so the Monday parcels didnt make it to the PO! 🙁 gonna mail them out super early today.

and and and. all the worried customers have been emailing about the Porter Shorts BO, which is why i’m up so early,
so that i can fasterly consolidate the BO and throw the excel sheet to Gina to verify and send out the mass email! it actually takes time to consolidate all the orders properly so that nothing gets mixed up or lost, so gimme some time plsssssss! wo yao si diao le.

gonna be a packed day today too, with a photoshoot later at 2PM!
4 new TVD label designs arrived yesterday on Monday and they are so mad chio pleaseeee! all the other girls as usual started “shopping” already and kept all sorts of stuff for themselves. geezzzz. shopaholics anonymous!

there’s gonna be at least 2 more launches before CNY,
jiayou jiayou jiayou to everybardi! 🙂 then we can all have a HUAT break for CNY! 😀

did this little lookbook preview for the next manufactured dress, inspired from iloveLRH.com! 😉
oriental bloom tulip wrap dress.
I LOVE THE PRINTS MANY MANY! as well as the cutting and fabric.
Clara looks super good in it!!!

very very excited for all the new items 😀
we love clothes!

and BTW, my diet is so so so so fail.

i realise it’s hard to diet when you’re catching up with friends and chilling and etc.


melt in your mouth chashu and egg. omgggggggggggggggg

pan fried gyoza too. so gooood!

and… we ended it off with. fav dessert ever.

gelare ice cream with waffle.
use the DBS indulge app coupon to get free waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream!!!!!

and i’m going for LBK tonight! and crabs on Thursday night!


my tummy is so huge i look 3 months preggers already ):

i’m going back to consolidate the BO now!
dont shoot me okay! i’ll send out a mass email once the consolidation is done! and also attend to the 60 emails waiting for me. ahhhhhhhhh.

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