first day of 2011

hohoho happy new year everybardi!

first blog post of 2011, i have three minutes of entertainment for you.

please do not judge my very limited and rusty guitar skills.

as this is just for fun.. a video of YZ singing and me accompanying him with my crappy guitar,

hope y’all like it! love the original song, 動力火車’s super awesome.

衝動 by 動力火車,

now by 白永賺 feat yina goh. LOL

作詞:張政群 作曲:呂禎晃 編曲:涂惠源

想你的時候 像掉進一個黑洞
看不見天日 像寒雪般冰凍
我始終不懂 愛與恨有什麼不同
你傷心的眼瞳 讓我慢慢失控 慢慢失控
擁抱的時候 卻得到一場落空
吹進心的風 是無情的嘲弄
笑與哭不同 就算再痛也看不透
你無言的嘴角 讓我慢慢衝動 慢慢衝動

衝動 我的手在發抖 愛情路是那麼陡
走了好久沒盡頭 你選擇留 我選擇走
衝動 我的心在顫抖 怎麼和時間搏鬥雖然還是被捉弄 

愛你的衝動 心甘情願被你玩弄


yala yala i know my expressions are retarded max.

it’s the “i’m looking at the guitar chords and cannot look at guitar chords and smile and sing at the same time” expression.

one last thing:
everybardi tell me what apps i need to download. games, entertainment, and everything!!!

blog more about that, maybe tomorrow 😉

HAPPY 2011!!!!!

shit. i’m still stuck in yesteryear. can’t believe i put 2010 instead of 2011!

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