2011: day 1

we got our iphones from M1 shop at Nex, i think they were all out of stock at Singtel and other outlets! apparently M1 is the only telco company that doesnt limit the number of iphone sets that can be sold per day. and we didnt have to queue very long too, just about half an hour or less and we got our new phones without any trouble! 🙂 yay to iphone! everybody come and play Words With Friends with me please! 😀

OTD.. a pleated lace chiffon blouson (post CNY design!) paired with TVD’s upcoming manufactured shorts in navy! mad love this pair of high waist shorts 😀 first day of new year… must wear nice nice abit!

all my friends all kept 1-2 pieces each for themselves cos it’s so comfy and the fit is awesome!

it’s made of really good fabric that feels abit like suede but is really thick and stretchy and uber comfortable. we made it in 4 colors and 3 sizes 😀 comes with the belt as well! some of the tops from Series 40 and 41 are paired together with the shorts if you noticed, it’s super versatile! mad love


now i just need to learn how to type properly on it -__-

damn noob.

YZ paid for my new phone too by the way. thank you baby

this is actually the third phone we’ve gotten as a couple since we got together in 2008, lol.

omg, sounds like ancient history! can’t believe it’s been 3 years and counting already. i feel really old too 🙁 quarter life crisis!


new dress review, the Alyssandra dress from Gipsy Scarlet!

it’s a self-manufactured piece and comes in four colors!

i like how the skirt part really hugs the figure nicely 😀 makes my big butt look smaller!

very sexy little number! pair with killer heels!!!


and especially for my eils baybeh…

everyone go and check out HWC‘s latest manufactured top! it’s super perfect for CNY!


$25 only 😀 the lace patterns are damn pretty!!! ang ang to huat for CNY! huat ah!!!!

back to reply my 88 huat emails now.

but i think i will end up falling asleep first 🙁 i need to go to the airport real early tomorrow morning! so dont mind me if you dont get any replies tonight, promise to reply by tomorrow. do my bestest best!

man. it’s really 2011 already.






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