win a FREE private movie screening all to yourself! or help me win one then :D

that’s right.
your poor little computer faces ONE, that is, uno, ichi, satu, ONE new threat, at the rate of 1/1.5 seconds.

that means, in the 30 seconds it took me to type the above, there are 15 new threats currently hanging around in the form of:

+ Banking Trojans
+ Botnet Warfare
+ Personal Data Theft
+ Targeted Attacks via Email
+ Search Engine Poisoning

and so many more!!!!

but all thanks to Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Maximum Security software,
i am now mega protected from any malicious threats/virus/spyware and the likes!!!!

*cue camwhore picture*

i shan’t bore you with the specifics,
but to put it simply, the security software on my computer is now LIGHT (no excessive consumption of PC resources), FAST (instant protection with quick installation) and SAFE (complete piece-of-mind) thanks to Trend Micro’s advanced Cloud technology!

and it has already stopped 5 threats for me D:

and here’s the exciting part for readers:
get to win a PRIVATE MOVIE SCREENING, exclusively for your friends and yourself,

(or if you want to be like really cool and surprise your gf/bf, how about 2 persons to one entire cinema. HAHAHA. but i wont be so selfish i promise if i win everyone who writes in gets to come join me for my private movie screening!)

by simply clicking on the below icon to enter Trend Micro’s Facebook Contest,

start by “like”-ing the page,
then answer a simple quiz, and start referring friends with your personal referral URL! 😀
you just need to refer 30 friends in order to qualify for the Grand Prize!

obviously, you’re becoming my referral if you click on the link and start referring friends, so IF i win the free movie screening, i’ll definitely open the private movie screening to all readers and customers! ^___^

and if you win instead,
please remember to invite me for the screening. HAHAHA.

some pictures from the dinner & sharing session that was hosted by Trend Micro at Raindropz Cafe! i asked SK to go along with me for the event, and the lucky girl actually won something from the lucky draw! kns.
the best course of the meal was the mushroom soup, followed by dessert. everything in between was downhill from there, so pardon me if i skip most of the food pictures.

remember to participate in the contest now!!!!!!

ps. my curls were tonged for me by Stephanie 😀 teehee.

313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09

and just in case i dont get a chance to blog again til 2011,

here’s wishing everyone,

HAPPY 2011 and may everyone have a blessed year ahead!!!!

mmm. no requisitory end-of-year recap and NY resolutions… yet.

i am just happy and blessed and thankful for everything and everyone and everyday 🙂

life is precious 🙂

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