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guess whaaaaat!!
the peeps over at Clothes&people are definitely working overtime this festive season, because look at what they have in store for you!

fabulous Christmas promotions for customers,
including a lucky draw with STRIP vouchers, GV gift cards, a one night stay at a boutique hotel and many many more to be won!!!
more details on their blog here

and a peek at their Christmas lookbook coming right up!
i’m personally really lovin’ the festive red backdrop, makes me feel all happy and christmas-sy 😀

LOVE the outfits too!

by the way, Clothes&people also has a special giveaway/discount treat for Fb/Twitter followers called AN-HOUR-A-WEEK (AHAW).

for an hour every week (Random day and time), they will give out a code that shoppers can use within that hour. these codes can range from percentage discounts to free reg mail to giveaways. giveaways can be accessories like hair accessories / belts, vouchers to places like STRIP for discounted treatments. hints will usually be dropped on AHAW days before the actual timing!

sounds like a really good idea to join their Facebook page & Twitter right now 😛

in fact, i think they’re having a launch tonight! i know because i saw it first on Facebook. hahaha. but all you need to do is to join their mailing list (submit your email in that little box you see on this page!) to get first-hand updates on launches as well as any special promotions / giveaways!


EAT EAT EAT. all i do is eat.

you know what’s on my christmas wish list.


as an afterthought, it’d be good if i can lipo my love handles too.

i’m so greedy.

lovely. if only someone were willing to sponsor me for fat loss treatments. i will be a slave for life.
but seriously, what’s life without good food! cannot eat, might as well die. so ya whatever la screw it i will just enjoy my good food.

i have this like huge secret in my past. actually it’s not REALLY very huge. and it’s not much of a secret. HAHAHA. i think i’ve told quite alot of friends about it already.

but nvm i think i shan’t share it yet. people will judge me.

okay la. if enough people are curious enough to want to know, i will blog about it. one day. eventually.

received this in the mail earlier this week, from ESCreations!

specially customised handmade accessories just for me! ♥ thank you Anna!

here’s what Anna customised for me: a necklace & a ring!

the items came well wrapped in bubble wrap, to ensure your items reach you in the best condition 😀
each item comes in its own jewelry box as well!

a handmade necklace with a turquoise stone, with a matching ring to go along!

LOVE the little birdie and wire-encased stone!

Anna even made me a specially customised name necklace as well! ♥ it’s lovely!

the accessories came with a handy care sheet. take care of your accessories, y’all!

check out ESCreations@EverydayShopper!
Christmas is just around the corner, and handmade accessories would be a really nice way to say Merry Christmas! to your loved ones! i like it that they’re affordable too, so they wont burn a hole in your wallet 🙂

have fun shopping!

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