happy (belated) 19th birthday

to my annoying and only little sister lina goh

snitch my contact lens without telling me, serves you right that they’re expired already LOL you’re lucky you didnt go blind,
stop being a spoilt brat and grow up.

ok just kidding la.

grow up soon baby sister so that you can pay me back for the 15345 lunches/dinners/snacks i buy for you.
and your Raybans – $100 = your birthday present, i’ll get YZ to treat you to dinner soon k! study hard in uni and graduate soon! faster grow out your hair too so that your dumb parents can stop worrying about you turning lesbian.

be a good girl!

the females of the family 😀 my chiobu mother and the 3 daughters.

my feather necklace from F21 🙂 they have lots of awesome accessories! you just need some time to look through all of them patiently..

upcoming kimono drape top. you’ll see it on TVD come 2011 😀 many pretty items lined up for y’all next year, cannot wait 🙂

shoes are from Megagamie 🙂 shorts from River Island!

gonna reply emails now! i havent opened my personal inbox for about a week. i’m so sorry if i didnt reply you.
hope to do so by today!

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